Author Topic: MAF Roadmap: Preparing the SLS first core stages for testing and flight  (Read 7254 times)

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Just to clarify, NASA does use metric. It is both US law and NASA policy to use it "except where impractical." All new programs and projects (since the mid 2000s) use metric.

The reason it's "impractical" for the SLS is the use of Shuttle heritage parts, all of the documentation for which use feet, inches, mils.
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Some good Instagram photos of the core construction
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Using a robot to weld the holes left by the other welding robot.

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Using a robot to weld the holes left by the other welding robot.
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I believe that's Vito Neal over on the far left monitoring the FSW tool (well, this FSW tool, there's more than one)...would make sense as he said he was a trained operator in our story; thread for that here: