Author Topic: NSF - 2022 A record breaking year in spaceflight  (Read 495 times)

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NSF - 2022 A record breaking year in spaceflight
« on: 12/31/2022 01:50 pm »

186 rockets launched in 2022, making it a record breaking year by far. We take you through the years biggest milestones as 2022 comes to a close including the Artemis 1 launch and the Orion spacecraft’s return, the state of Starship, the return of Falcon Heavy, and all our best rocket videos.

Orion Return Video:   

 • Orion Heatshield ... 

Video and Pictures from Mary (@BocaChicaGal), Jack (@theJackBeyer), Jay (@jdeshetler), Julia (@julia_bergeron), Michael (@nextspaceflight), Nic (@nicansuini), Stephen (@spacecoast_stve), Thomas (@TGMetsFan98), Starbase Live, and Spacecoast Live. Additional footage from NASA, SpaceX, ESA, CNSA, CCTV, ISRO, and RocketLab.

Hosted by Jack. Written by Swayer (@thenasaman), Jack, and Kevin Michael Reed (@kmreed). Edited by Sawyer. Produced by Kevin.

All content copyright to NSF. Not to be used elsewhere without explicit permission from NSF.


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