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NSF Live - 22 May 2022
« on: 10/30/2022 06:01 pm »

In partnership with Intrepid Museum in NYC. Developing a deep-space habitat will allow a crew to live and work safely in space for long durations on missions to explore the Moon and Mars. The Habitation Systems Development office is a multi-center NASA team working together to develop sustainable living quarters, workspaces, and laboratories for astronauts on next-generation space missions. Hear from these experts as they give viewers an inside look into the project.

NSFLive is's weekly show covering the latest in spaceflight. It is broadcast live on Sundays at 3 pm Eastern. On each show, we rotate through various hosts and special guests.

Today's episode is hosted by John "Das" Galloway (Host & Producer for and moderated by Summer Ash.


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