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Capable Web People (SMF, WordPress, etc)
« on: 06/16/2019 09:35 pm »
We're looking to build a team of people who are capable of improving NSF design/functionality/more cowbell. Note to all reading this, we're not looking at dramatic changes (regular visitors hate major changes of familiarity and function and we won't make that mistake). However, we are looking to continually evolve and improve.

If you're good web stuff (such as a professional), especially on our platforms listed above, send me a PM noting how you're such a person and what you specialize in.

Being willing to help is not going to be time-consuming. You'll get free L2 and you'll be added to our NSF Towers discord channel where we can team up and discuss options (one of which is already underway). Improvements can be even minor elements, all of which are useful, such as how the forum now reduces long URLs - via a minor addition of code - through to design improvements.

Any heavy workloads - such as design - can be negotiated pay if absolutely necessary for improving the site and thus very beneficial for the site in the long run (such as something that will add a revenue stream).

Note, it would be advisable if people offering help are already members of NSF or have been using the site for a while both for the reasons of being familiar with the site and for trust reasons.

The strength of NSF has always been its community, so

Willing to help out, however small? Send me a PM here:;sa=send;u=3
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