Author Topic: New global record: 3 successful orbital launches in 67 mins  (Read 1114 times)

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I wonder if 3 launches to orbit in 67 minutes is an all-time spaceflight history record...

Indeed it is! I quickly parsed launch.tsv from @planet4589's GCAT. The previous record-holders were:
Dec 12 1970, when Explorer 42, Kosmos-385, and Peole launched within 131 minutes, and
Apr 29 2021 when Pleiades Neo 3, Tianhe, and Starlink-26 launched in 114 minutes.

For fun, my minified, tweet-size Python code :)
with open('launch.tsv') as f:
    e = f.readlines()[2:]
    p = [l.split('\t') for l in e]
    d = [s[1] for s in p if s[20]=='OS']
    for t,n in zip(d,d[2:]):
        m = float(n) - float(t)
        if m < .1:

NSF Threads for the 3 launches:


China Kuaizhou-1A:

SpaceX F9:

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I remember that the NROL-91 launch was originally planned for August but was delayed to yesterday for reasons kept confidential by ULA. But the Falcon 9 launch yesterday wasn't meant to be coincidental, because ULA was duly looking forward to giving up ownership of the SLC-6 facility once the last Delta rocket launch from Vandenberg was completed.


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