Author Topic: HLS Option B and the Sustaining Lunar Development Phase (Appendix P)  (Read 231612 times)

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Thales Alenia Space
@Thales_Alenia_SLunar I-Hab mockup operational and ready for action! 🧑‍🚀👩‍🚀@esa
 Lunar I-Hab program made relevant progress at @Thales_Alenia_S’ in Turin with the completion of the Acceptance Review of the mockup, supplied by #LIQUIFER Space Systems.


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Work Underway on Large Cargo Landers for NASA’s Artemis Moon Missions:

Quote from: NASA
The agency has asked the two companies to develop cargo versions of their human lunar landers as an option under their existing contracts. These cargo variants are expected to land approximately 26,000 – 33,000 pounds (12 to 15 metric tons) of payload on the lunar surface and be in service no earlier than the Artemis VII mission. [...]

Modifications [to their human lunar landers] will include adjustments for payload interfaces and deployment mechanisms, and the cargo variants will not have human life support systems.

This initial work allows the companies to proceed with development for their cargo landers through a preliminary design review, the step that establishes the basis for proceeding with detailed design. SpaceX is conducting its work under the NextSTEP Appendix H contract, and Blue Origin is conducting its work under NextSTEP Appendix P. NASA officially exercised the options under those contracts in November 2023 to begin work on the large cargo landers.

Although, it is not mentioned in the quote above, SpaceX has the same contract for Options A and B and the milestones for the cargo lander were added as a result of Option B being exercised.
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