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Engine and satellite views.

Expected LOS Cape Canaveral.
Not arguing for more dedicated structure. Suggesting that items that may have a use at the destination may be used to help structurally. Wasn't thinking about a pressurizable structure, just a bit of support from items that are eventually payload.

Were you think of truss elements that could be reassembled for other uses?

I'm prejudiced toward thinking about this as a nuke.  Odds are that a nuke dumps all of its payload, which makes arrangements for its own arrival at wherever it's going.  That makes it unlikely that anything gets reused other than the nuke, which wants to be as light as possible, since it probably has to do a pure braking burn if it's to be captured.

Second most likely is a hydrolox architecture that has to aerocapture the bejeezus out of itself, and you're not recycling any odds and ends from that, either.

There are obviously other architectures, but let's keep it to the irreducible minimum:  How light can we get away with for a departure burn?

It seems to me that the lightest would be the pure tension bag with puller vehicle as suggested by Asteroza with the H2 as slush or even frozen. Tiny inducer/transfer pump at the bottom of the bag. 0.5% of H2 mass for tankbag??
Landing burn.

Second stage cutoff.


T+9 minutes. Nominal orbit insertion.
Entry burn.

T+7 minutes. Entry burn shutdown.
T+6 minutes. Stage 2 AFTS is safed.
Preview of SSLV-D2, plus detailed explanations of the anomaly in SSLV-D1

The EOS-07 shown in the small graphic looks the same as EOS-02 (Microsat 2A).
I presume, it is a reflight of the EOS-02 (Microsat 2A) payload.
Starshield is the type of custom mods one would need for Mars Constellation.

More power.  Observation capabilities.   Custom payload

It's basically Starlink as a satellite bus.
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