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SX has apparently received approval to swap land elsewhere for the strip of wetland in the middle of the area being developed below the suborbital tank farm.  RGV's latest video shows it being filled in.

1:23:15 is where this starts
Heavy Lift Launch Vehicle (HLV/SLS) / Re: SLS Artemis IV progress
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The universal stage adapter will debut during #Artemis IV and will connect
@NASA_Orion to the exploration upper stage on future SLS rockets in the Block 1B configuration.

Read more about the test version of the adapter that was recently moved>>
It is amazing that the thrust density of R1 SL is about the same as an SRB and R2SL exceeds that of an SRB.

So much technology in use by SLS is obsolete.

NASA is literally paying for it now, and has been for a decade, and doing so on top of paying for two other cargo vehicles.

No, not really.  NASA is only paying for the cargo flights, not the development.  So, the only monies for mission planning has been given to Sierra, not for vehicle development.
they were attachments... how mysterious.

Normally if there's a copyright issue a mod would post as such.
SpaceX Facilities and Fleets / Re: Starbase, Texas
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Gateway Community Awards
 8pm Saturday, open to the public

Andrew C - Rocket Future
8PM Saturday, come by if you're local!

Runway landings theoretically imply quick vehicle turn-around for reflight, assuming launcher availability. With "first flight in the fourth quarter of this year" the question becomes how soon the same vehicle can launch again.
Other US Launchers / Re: US Launch Schedule
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Date - Satellite(s) - Rocket - Launch Site - Time (UTC)

Late April - Galileo-FOC FM25 (Patrick), Galileo-FOC FM26 (Julina) - Falcon 9 (LZ-4) - Canaveral SLC-40 / Kennedy LC-39A

Changes on April 14th

Can a Florida launch really do a RTLS on LZ4 (VSFB) ?
The trade-off to consider is whether an ISS-launched cubesat could provide anything more than a payload launched on a sounding rocket.

Rocket Lab
Electronís Kick Stage has had a glow up✨Flexibility is Electronís game, and supporting our customers to meet their mission requirements is what we do.

Here are some of the changes weíve made to the Kick Stage for this mission:

✅Extra batteries & larger bottles = more gas for the Kick Stageís reaction control system to complete multiple in-space maneuvers for this mission.

✅Added Curie tanks = extra propellant to give our engine more oomph for more burns, from 520km to 1,000km and back down again.

✅Double payload plate = double the payload deployments. With NEONSAT-1 sitting on top and ACS3 attached laterally, we can accommodate both payloads comfortably within Electronís nosecone.
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