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Re: SpaceX Manifest Updates Thread 5
« Reply #920 on: 09/01/2022 07:08 pm »
It’s been mentioned elsewhere, here’s the NASA press release:

Aug 31, 2022

NASA Awards SpaceX More Crew Flights to Space Station

NASA has awarded five additional missions to Space Exploration Technologies Corporation (SpaceX) of Hawthorne, California, for crew transportation services to the International Space Station as part of the agency’s Commercial Crew Transportation Capability (CCtCap) contract. The CCtCap modification brings the total missions for SpaceX to 14 and allows NASA to maintain an uninterrupted U.S. capability for human access to the space station until 2030, with two unique commercial crew industry partners.

This is a firm fixed-price, indefinite-delivery/indefinite-quantity contract modification for the Crew-10, Crew-11, Crew-12, Crew-13, and Crew-14 flights. The value of this modification for all five missions and related mission services is $1,436,438,446. The amount includes ground, launch, in-orbit, and return and recovery operations, cargo transportation for each mission, and a lifeboat capability while docked to the International Space Station. The period of performance runs through 2030 and brings the total CCtCap contract value with SpaceX to $4,927,306,350.

The award follows the agency issuing a notice of intent in June 2022 to purchase the additional missions. The current sole source modification does not preclude NASA from seeking future contract modifications for additional transportation services, as needed.

In 2014, NASA awarded the CCtCap contracts to Boeing and SpaceX through a public-private partnership as part of the agency’s Commercial Crew Program. Under CCtCap, NASA certifies that a provider’s space transportation system meets the agency’s requirements prior to flying missions with astronauts.

SpaceX was certified by NASA for crew transportation in November 2020. The company's fourth crew rotation mission for the agency, the Crew-4 mission, is currently in orbit aboard the space station. As part of the missions, SpaceX’s Crew Dragon spacecraft and Falcon 9 rocket transport up to four astronauts, along with critical cargo, to the space station.

For information about NASA’s Commercial Crew Program, visit:


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Re: SpaceX Manifest Updates Thread 5
« Reply #921 on: 09/05/2022 09:48 am »
Now have Sep 12th for Starlink flight at the Cape, after the next Cape flight on the 10th:

The next SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket from pad 40 will launch a Starlink batch on September 10 at 7:51pm EDT. Another Falcon 9 will launch a Starlink batch from pad 40 on September 12.

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Re: SpaceX Manifest Updates Thread 5
« Reply #922 on: 09/05/2022 10:41 am »
Now have Sep 12th for Starlink flight at the Cape, after the next Cape flight on the 10th:

The next SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket from pad 40 will launch a Starlink batch on September 10 at 7:51pm EDT. Another Falcon 9 will launch a Starlink batch from pad 40 on September 12.
Should be mistake. Next flight from 39A
Less than 2 days TO for LC - it would be epic, following 5+ days record breaking turnaround time for LC-40.

And here is correction:
The next SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket from pad 39A will launch a Starlink batch on September 10 at 7:51pm EDT. Sunset is 7:33pm. Another Falcon 9 will launch a Starlink batch from pad 40 on September 11 around 8 or 9pm EDT. Upcoming launches include more Starlink batches. Then, a Falcon 9 from pad 39A will launch four astronauts on NASA's Crew-5 mission on October 3 at 12:45pm EDT.
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Re: SpaceX Manifest Updates Thread 5
« Reply #923 on: 09/07/2022 03:34 pm »
Sidus Space Executes Multiple Launch Agreement with SpaceX

Sidus Space, Inc. (NASDAQ:SIDU), a Space-as-a-Service satellite company focused on mission critical hardware manufacturing; multi-disciplinary engineering services; satellite design, production, launch planning, mission operations; and in-orbit support, today announced that it has signed a launch agreement with SpaceX for five launches, beginning in early 2023.

I'm guessing these are launching on Transporter missions?

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Re: SpaceX Manifest Updates Thread 5
« Reply #924 on: 09/08/2022 12:18 pm »

Iridium announced this morning that it will launch five of its six remaining spare satellites on a Falcon 9 rideshare mission in mid-2023 from Vandenberg. Iridium said in a recent earnings call it had plans to launch those satellites, but didn’t disclose the provider at the time.

Edit to add:

Iridium Announces Ninth SpaceX Launch

MCLEAN, Va., Sept. 8, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Iridium Communications Inc. (NASDAQ: IRDM) today announced that it has reached an agreement with SpaceX to launch up to five of the company's remaining ground spare satellites from the Iridium® NEXT program, on its Falcon 9 rocket.  Known as Iridium-9, the launch is planned to take place at Vandenberg Space Force Base in mid-2023.  Earlier this year, Iridium celebrated the 25th anniversary of the first launch in Iridium's history, which also took place from Vandenberg on May 5, 1997. That first ever launch also carried five Iridium satellites to orbit on a Delta II rocket.
Iridium-9 will be Iridium's second rideshare with SpaceX.  Previously, SpaceX conducted eight Iridium launches between January 2017 and January 2019.  These launches delivered 75 satellites to LEO as part of the Iridium NEXT campaign, replacing the company's original satellite constellation. Since completion of the launch campaign in 2019, Iridium has 66 operational satellites, nine on-orbit spares and six additional spares on the ground.  Up to five of those six ground spares are planned for launch as part of Iridium-9.  All satellites in the upgraded Iridium constellation were built by Thales Alenia Space and carry the Aireon® hosted payload, which provides truly global, real-time surveillance of aircraft around the world.

"We have always said that when the right opportunity presented itself, we would launch many, if not all, of our remaining ground spares, and just such an opportunity came about," said Iridium CEO Matt Desch.  "Our constellation is incredibly healthy; however, the spare satellites have no utility to us on the ground.  We built extra satellites as an insurance policy, and with SpaceX's stellar track record, we look forward to another successful launch, which will position us even better to replicate the longevity of our first constellation."

Since the completion of the upgraded Iridium network in early 2019, Iridium's customer base grew by more than 730,000 subscribers in just three years and has more than 1.8 million today.  With that subscriber growth came several new Iridium products and services, including the Iridium Certus® specialty broadband platform, Iridium's Global Maritime Distress and Safety System, Iridium Global Line of Sight® service for uncrewed and autonomous systems, and over 150 new Iridium narrowband and specialty broadband products brought to market by our partner ecosystem.

Iridium remains the only commercial satellite constellation with truly global coverage, offering weather-resilient L-band service from pole-to-pole.  The constellation is divided into six polar orbiting planes that each include 11 operational crosslinked satellites.  The satellites from Iridium-9 will be launched into a parking orbit, and after initial testing will be drifted to their assigned spare orbits.
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Re: SpaceX Manifest Updates Thread 5
« Reply #925 on: 09/13/2022 02:18 pm »
There are mentions of a third Eutelsat launch this year (after Hotbird 13G and Hotbird 13F).

It might be Eutelsat 10B:
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Re: SpaceX Manifest Updates Thread 5
« Reply #926 on: 09/16/2022 03:58 pm »
didn't find this here yet,
or overlooked?
The Norweigan government, through Space Norway, has ordered its first 300 kg MicroSAR satellite from British company Surrey Satellite Technology Ltd. (SSTL) to start work on a radar satellite system for maritime surveillance.

The order, announced by SSTL on 26 August, is for MicroSAR, a satellite system used to detect relatively small vessels in large areas. Space Norway plans to launch the first MicroSAR into a 600-km polar low Earth orbit in early 2025 aboard a SpaceX Falcon 9 ride-share mission.

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Re: SpaceX Manifest Updates Thread 5
« Reply #927 on: 09/21/2022 01:55 am »

September 19 2022
Arabsat and SpaceX sign contract to launch 7A satellite, Falcon 9 will carry Arabsat 7A to its orbital position 30.5 East
Arab Satellite Communications Organization (Arabsat) announced today that it has selected SpaceX’s Falcon 9 to launch its new satellite, Arabsat 7A. Arabsat 7A is the first Arabsat 7th generation satellite and is considered one of the latest satellite technologies in terms of manufacturing, payload, efficiency of performance, and coverage flexibility. This announcement marks the third time that Arabsat has selected SpaceX for launch: first in 2019 with Falcon Heavy’s launch of Arabsat and SpaceX will also launch Arabsat’s BADR-8 satellite on Falcon 9 next year.

Al-Hamedi Al-Anezi, CEO of Arabsat, said, "We value our work with SpaceX. The signing of this agreement is an extension of the trusted relationship with SpaceX that has been built over the past few years since the launch of Arabsat 6A. Arabsat 7A will be one of Arabsat’s first software-defined payload satellites, offering high throughput Ku-band capacity to help Arabsat expand its services into several verticals to enhance its portfolio of products and solutions over the Middle East, Africa and beyond, to parts of Europe.”

“We’re excited to be selected for our third Arabsat launch,” said SpaceX Vice President of Commercial Sales Tom Ochinero. “Having worked together on the Falcon Heavy launch of Arabsat 6A and the upcoming launch of BADR-8, our work with Arabsat is a testament to our Falcon fleet’s reliability and safety.”

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Re: SpaceX Manifest Updates Thread 5
« Reply #928 on: 10/12/2022 12:34 pm »

SpaceX is flying a second private Starship mission around the Moon, and Dennis and Akiko Tito are its first customers.

Edit to add: from the article

The Titos announced Wednesday that they purchased two of a dozen seats on a second SpaceX circumlunar flight around the Moon later this decade.

The other 10 seats are currently unsold.
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Re: SpaceX Manifest Updates Thread 5
« Reply #929 on: 10/13/2022 04:44 pm »
Shouldn't the iSpace flight be on the Manifest for Nov 9-15?

ispace Announces HAKUTO-R Mission 1 Launch Window for November 9 – 15, 2022
12 Oct, 2022

Key Updates Released, Company Grows to More than 200 employees

TOKYO—October 12, 2022 —ispace, inc. (ispace), a global lunar exploration company with its headquarters in Japan and regional offices in the United States and Europe, announced today that it currently plans to launch its Mission1 (M1) lunar lander, part of the HAKUTO-R program, in a target window of November 9 – 15, 2022 at the earliest.

The launch is set to occur on a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket from Cape Canaveral, Fla. Upon its deployment from the rocket, the M1 lander will then carry multiple commercial and government payloads including two rovers to the surface of the Moon.

“When we participated in the Google Lunar XPRIZE we had about 20 employees, but now we’ve grown to more than 200 in Japan, the United States and Europe, each working every day with the ispace vision to achieve success. We are focused on each of our missions, but now that the launch window has been set for M1 we are ready for the challenge along with our HAKUTO-R partners,” said Takeshi Hakamada, Founder, Representative Director, and CEO of ispace. “For me this is a milestone on the road to realizing our vision, but I am already proud of our results. I look forward to watching the launch alongside all of our employees and those who have supported us.”

In addition to the launch window announcement, ispace released the following updates:

●  As of September 2022, the final functional testing of the flight model at the IABG mbH Space Centre in Germany has been completed. The lander is now being prepared for transport to the launch site in Florida.

●  In August 2022, ispace welcomed its 200th The total number of employees across its three offices in Japan, Luxembourg, and the United States now exceeds 200.

●  After launch, M1 will be operated from the HAKUTO-R Mission Control Center (MCC) located in Tokyo’s central business district, Nihonbashi. The MCC will monitor the lander’s attitude, temperature, and other conditions, send commands and data to the lander, and receive images and video data during transit to the Moon as well as from the lunar surface.

●  M1 will utilize a ground station network of the European Space Agency (ESA). The ESA’s Tracking Station Network (ESTRACK) is operated from the European Space Operations Centre (ESOC) in Darmstadt, Germany. M1 will use five of the ESTRACK network’s antennas across three continents, located in Kourou (French Guiana), New Norcia (Western Australia), Cebreros (Spain), Malargüe (Argentina) and Goonhilly (UK).

Future Mission Updates

Mission 2 planning is currently under way. Specific details of M2 payloads will be released at a later date.

In July 2022, NASA awarded Team Draper, which includes ispace subsidiary, ispace technologies U.S., inc. (ispace US), $73 million to deliver payloads including two communication relay satellites to lunar orbit as well as a suite of scientific experiments to the lunar surface. In addition to the NASA CLPS award, ispace US expects to carry additional commercial payloads on M3 to supplement the total award. ispace is in active negotiations to fill M3 orders and beyond.

About ispace, inc. (
What kind of wastrels would dump a perfectly good booster in the ocean after just one use?

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Re: SpaceX Manifest Updates Thread 5
« Reply #930 on: 10/13/2022 05:50 pm »
Shouldn't the iSpace flight be on the Manifest for Nov 9-15?

It is a rideshare. Various guesses it is with Eutelsat 10B but no confirmation I am aware of. If so the launch is on the schedule.

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Re: SpaceX Manifest Updates Thread 5
« Reply #931 on: 10/16/2022 06:36 pm »
Launch photography

16 Oct version says
A Falcon 9 from pad 40 will launch the HAKUTO-R lunar lander for iSpace on November TBD. The first stage will land back at the Cape about eight minutes after launch.

So that doesn't sound like it is with Eutelsat 10B because 10B is expected to use expendable.
13G is expected to use droneship
are 2 refs for Hakuto-R being a secondary payload, but they date to 2018 and 2019. Perhaps something has changed? Or maybe primary payload is something we don't know about?
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Re: SpaceX Manifest Updates Thread 5
« Reply #932 on: 10/16/2022 06:40 pm »
Yeah now expected to take its own ride. I had consulted this a few days ago and was told it was likely to be standalone launch. Ben Cooper's description kinda sounds like standalone mission as well.

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Re: SpaceX Manifest Updates Thread 5
« Reply #933 on: 10/20/2022 10:53 am »

ESA director general Josef Aschbacher confirmed at a briefing that the agency has selected Falcon 9 to launch the Euclid mission next year. Another Falcon 9 will launch the Hera asteroid mission in 2024. Vega C will launch EarthCARE in 2024.

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Re: SpaceX Manifest Updates Thread 5
« Reply #934 on: 10/20/2022 11:32 am »
According to this, no contracts have yet been concluded with SpaceX.
First of all, the green light was given for negotiations.

.@esa ruling council agrees to negotiate w/ @SpaceX  for Falcon 9 launch in 2023 and 2024 of #Euclid astronomy and #Hera asteroid mission, a companion mission to @NASA #Dart. Decision was made necessary w/ removal of Russian #Soyuz from ESA-acceptable manifest.

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Re: SpaceX Manifest Updates Thread 5
« Reply #935 on: 11/28/2022 03:57 am »
SpaceX won the SpainSat NG launch contract from Hisdesat:

Hisdesat selects the North American company SpaceX for the launch of the SpainSat NG satellites [dated Nov. 7]

Google translate:

Quote from: Hisdesat
Hisdesat, the government satellite services company, has formalized an agreement with the North American company SpaceX to put the two SPAINSAT New Generation satellites (I and II) into orbit. This is the new program developed by the Spanish company to improve the secure and defense communications of the Spanish Government, allied countries and various international organizations.

The agreement, which contemplates the use of two Falcon 9 launchers to put the two satellites into orbit, continues the agreement that the two companies signed in 2018 for the launch of the PAZ satellite.

On this occasion, the launches will be made from any of the two complexes that SpaceX uses in Florida, Cape Canaveral or NASA's Kennedy Space Center.

The SpainSat NG I and II will replace the current SpainSat and XTAR-EUR and will incorporate the latest technological advances in communications to reinforce their capacities, security levels and resilience.

The first of the devices, the SpainSat NG I, will be put into orbit in 2024, while the SpainSat NG II will be launched in 2025. They will have a useful life of about 15 years, with which they will be at full capacity until the threshold of 2040.

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Re: SpaceX Manifest Updates Thread 5
« Reply #936 on: 11/28/2022 11:27 pm »
Another operator of the OPSAT300 platform is Imagesat International, operating the EROS NG constellation that, by 2026, will comprise six Ultra High performance, military-grade earth observation satellites. ... By the second half of 2022, Imagesat expects to deploy its satellite, the first of two EROS C3 satellites. The second is scheduled to enter service in 2026.

EROS-C3 is also based on the OPSAT-3000 platform, but it will deploy with multispectral sensing capability. This satellite will maintain 38 cm resolution in the PAN and add the MS capability with 76 cm resolution, covering a swath of ~12.5 km. .... EROS-C3 will be launched from the USA on a Falcon-9 launcher.

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Re: SpaceX Manifest Updates Thread 5
« Reply #937 on: 12/20/2022 11:35 pm »

🚀🛰@NASA has selected @SpaceX to provide launch services for the #Sentinel6B mission which will continue the long-term global sea level data record begun in 1992.

It will join its twin satellite Sentinel-6 MF in #SeeingTheSeas!

Details of the award ➡️

Dec 20, 2022

NASA Awards Launch Services Contract for Sentinel-6B Mission

NASA has selected Space Exploration Technologies (SpaceX) of Hawthorne, California, to provide launch services for the Sentinel-6B mission. Sentinel-6B will continue the long-term global sea level data record begun in 1992 by Topex/Poseidon followed by Jason 1, 2, 3, and Sentinel-6 Michael Freilich. The mission is a partnership between NASA, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, ESA (European Space Agency), and the European Organization for the Exploitation of Meteorological Satellites.

This is a firm fixed price contract with a value of approximately $94 million, which includes launch services and other mission related costs. The Sentinel-6B mission currently is targeted to launch November 2025, on a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket from Space Launch Complex 4E at Vandenberg Space Force Base in California.

Sentinel-6B will use a radar altimeter to bounce signals off the ocean surface and deliver continuity of ocean topography measurements. The mission also will collect high-resolution vertical profiles of temperature, using the Global Navigation Satellite System Radio-Occultation sounding technique, to assess temperature changes in Earth’s atmosphere and improve weather prediction models.

NASA’s Launch Services Program at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida is responsible for program management of the SpaceX launch services. The Sentinel-6B project office is located at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California.

For more information about NASA programs and missions, visit:

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Re: SpaceX Manifest Updates Thread 5
« Reply #938 on: 12/30/2022 03:35 pm »
Year end snapshot
SpaceX manifest updates. The best guess at the current manifest is in this post.
There is a corresponding Discussion Thread to talk about the manifest.

The first four posts in this thread are maintained
1 - Current manifest and some links
2 - Past launches
3 - Smoliarm's graphical manifest
4 - links

Discussion of the table format should be done here: SpaceX Manifest Table Format Discussion
Prior thread: SpaceX Manifest Updates and Discussion Thread 4

Date: *=Local date differs from UTC date  ~=Date has some uncertainty
Return: L=Land,S=Sea,X=Expendable,N/A=Not Applicable
Launch Vehicle: F9=Falcon 9, H=Falcon Heavy, F=Falcon 9 or Heavy, S=Starship
Core: *=FH core numbers in footnotes, N=New, R=Reused
Payload(s): (R) = Rideshare
Mission: Blue number indicates additional information in footnotes.
Colors: Successful / Unsuccessful / Mars / Moon / Footnotes / Launch success/payload failure

      C=Cape Canaveral Spaceport (KSC/CCAFS) (UTC-4 EDT,UTC-5 EST)
            CCAFS SLC-40: Active for Falcon 9
            KSC LC-39A: Active for Falcon 9 and Falcon Heavy
      V=Vandenberg (UTC-7 PDT,UTC-8 PST)
            SLC-4E: Active for Falcon 9
      B=Boca Chica (UTC-5 CDT,UTC-6 CST)
            Site preparation work underway

U.S. daylight saving time starts second Sunday in March, ends first Sunday in November, time changes at 2:00 a.m. local time

Note on F9 Mission numbers:  I counted AMOS-6 (lost in pre-launch testing) and did not count IFA (suborbital test flight).

       Local        LV  Core   Ret- .                             .    Mass   .     Mis-CO-
Est. Date,  Time/UTC.   S/N    urn  Payload(s)                    Orb  (kg)   Site sionSPAR
------------------- .--- ------ .---  ------------------------  --- .-----  -----  -------.-----
2022-01-06  1649/-5F91062-4SStarlink 4-5LEO~15kC-39AF9-135-001
2022-01-13  1025/-5F91058-10LSpaceX Transporter-3SSO.C-40F9-136-002
2022-01-18*2102/-5F91060-10SStarlink 4-6LEO~15kC-39AF9-137-005
2022-01-31  1811/-5F91052-3LCSG-2SSO2240C-40F9-138-008
2022-02-02  1227/-8F91071LNROL-87SSO?VF9-139-009
2022-02-03  1313/-5F91061-6SStarlink 4-7LEO~14kC-39AF9-140-010
2022-02-21  0944/-5F91058-11SStarlink 4-8LEO~14kC-40F9-141-016
2022-02-25  0912/-8F91063-4SStarlink 4-11LEO~14kVF9-142-017
2022-03-03  0925/-5F91060-11SStarlink 4-9LEO~14kC-39AF9-143-022
2022-03-09  0845/-5F91052-4SStarlink 4-10LEO~14kC-40F9-144-025
2022-03-19  0042/-4F91051-12SStarlink 4-12LEO16.25kC-40F9-145-029
2022-04-01  1224/-4F91061-7SSpaceX Transporter-4SSO.C-40F9-146-033
2022-04-08  1117/-4F91062-5SAxiom AX-1 (crewed)LEO.C-39AF9-147-037
2022-04-17  0613/-7F91071-2LNROL-85LEO?VF9-148-040
2022-04-21  1351/-4F91060-12SStarlink 4-14LEO~16kC-40F9-149-041
2022-04-27  0352/-4F91067-4SCCtCap Crew-4LEO.C-39AF9-150-042
2022-04-29  1727/-4F91062-6SStarlink 4-16LEO~16kC-40F9-151-045
2022-05-06  0542/-4F91058-12SStarlink 4-17LEO~16kC-39AF9-152-049
2022-05-13  1507/-7F91063-5SStarlink 4-13LEO~16kVF9-153-051
2022-05-14  1640/-4F91073SStarlink 4-15LEO~16kC-40F9-154-052
2022-05-18  0659/-4F91052-5SStarlink 4-18LEO~16kC-39AF9-155-053
2022-05-25  1435/-4F91061-8LSpaceX Transporter-5SSO.C-40F9-156-057
2022-06-08  1703/-4F91062-7SNilesat-301GTO4100C-40F9-157-061
2022-06-17  1209/-4F91060-13SStarlink 4-19LEO~16kC-39AF9-158-062
2022-06-18  0719/-7F91071-3LSARah 1SSO~4kVF9-159-063
2022-06-19  0030/-4F91061-9SUSA 328-331/GlobalstarLEO.C-40F9-160-064
2022-06-29  1704/-4F91073-2SSES-22GTO3500C-39AF9-161-071
2022-07-07  0911/-4F91058-13SStarlink 4-21LEO~16kC-40F9-162-076
2022-07-10*1839/-7F91063-6SStarlink 3-1LEO~14kVF9-163-077
2022-07-14*2044/-4F91067-5SCRS2 SpX-25LEO.C-39AF9-164-081
2022-07-17  1020/-4F91051-13SStarlink 4-22LEO~16kC-40F9-165-083
2022-07-22  1039/-7F91071-4SStarlink 3-2LEO~14kVF9-166-084
2022-07-24  0939/-4F91062-8SStarlink 4-25LEO~16kC-39AF9-167-086
2022-08-04 1908/-4F91052-6SDanuri (KPLO)BLT678C-40F9-168-094
2022-08-09*2214/-4F91073-3SStarlink 4-26LEO~16kC-39AF9-169-097
2022-08-12  1440/-7F91061-10SStarlink 3-3LEO~14kVF9-170-099
2022-08-19  1521/-4F91062-9SStarlink 4-27LEO~16kC-40F9-171-101
2022-08-27*2222/-4F91069-2SStarlink 4-23LEO16.7kC-40F9-172-104
2022-08-30*2240/-7F91063-7SStarlink 3-4LEO~14kVF9-173-105
2022-09-04*2209/-4F91052-7SStarlink 4-20/Varuna (R)LEO~16kC-40F9-174-107
2022-09-10*2120/-4F91058-14SStarlink 4-2/BW3 (R)LEO~16kC-39AF9-175-111
2022-09-18*2018/-4F91067-6SStarlink 4-34LEO~16kC-40F9-176-114
2022-09-24  1932/-4F91073-4SStarlink 4-35LEO~16kC-40F9-177-119
2022-10-05  1200/-4F91077SCCtCap Crew-5LEO.C-39AF9-178-124
2022-10-05  1610/-7F91071-5SStarlink 4-29LEO~16kVF9-179-125
2022-10-08  1905/-4F91060-14SGalaxy 33/34GTO7.3kC-40F9-180-128
2022-10-15  0122/-4F91069-3SHotbird 13FGTO4500C-40F9-181-134
2022-10-20  1050/-4F91062-10SStarlink 4-36LEO~16kC-40F9-182-136
2022-10-27*1814/-7F91063-8SStarlink 4-31LEO~16kVF9-183-141
2022-11-02*2325/-4F91067-7SHotbird 13GGTO4500C-40F9-184-146
2022-11-12 1106/-5F91051-14XGalaxy 31/32GTO6.6kC-40F9-185-153
2022-11-22*2152/-5F91049-11XEutelsat 10BGTO5.5kC-40F9-186-157
2022-11-26  1420/-5F91076SCRS2 SpX-26LEO.C-39AF9-187-159
2022-12-08  1727/-5F91069-4LOneweb F15PLR.C-39AF9-188-166
2022-12-11  0238/-5[F91073-5LHAKUTO-R..C-40F9-189-168
2022-12-16  0346/-8F91071-6LSWOTLEO2000V-4EF9-190-173
2022-12-16  1748/-5F91067-8SO3B mPOWER 1-2MEO~5kC-40F9-191-174
2022-12-17  1632/-5F91058-15SStarlink 4-37LEO~16kC-40F9-192-175
2022-12-28  0434/-5F91062-11SStarlink 5-1LEO~16kC-40F9-193.
2022-12-29*2338/-8F91061-11LEROS C3LEO2000V-4EF9-194.
------------------- --- ------ ---  ------------------------  ---  -----  ----- ---------
2023-01-02 0955/-5F9..SpaceX Transporter-6SSO.C ..
2023-01-08 (NET)F9.LOneweb F16PLR.C..
2023-01-18F91077.2SGPS III-6MEO4400C..
2023F9.SAmazonas NexusGTO4500C..
2023F9.XO3B mPOWER 3-4MEO~7kC..
2023-02-19 (NET)F91078SCCtCap Crew-6LEO.C-39A..
2023-02 (NET)F9R.Worldview Legion F1SSO.C/V..
2023-02 (NET)F9..SARah 2/3SSO~3600C/V ..
2023-Q1F9..Oneweb F2PLR.C ..
2023F91061-11SStarlink 2-4LEO~16kV..
2023F9.SStarlink 2-2LEO~16kC..
2023F9.SStarlink 2-6LEO~16kV..
2023F9.SStarlink 5-2LEO~16kC..
2023F9.SStarlink 5-3LEO~16kC..
2023F9.XO3B mPOWER 5-6MEO~7kC..
2023-02F9..CRS2 SpX-27LEO.C-39A..
2023-02F9..SpaceX Transporter-7SSO.C ..
2023-Q1F9..SES-18 / SES-19GTO.C..
2023-02F9..Inmarsat I-6 F2 (GX6B)GTO5400C..
2023 (NET) S..Starship Orbital Test 1LEO.B..
2023-03F9R.WorldView Legion F3LEO.C..
2023-03F9R.Intelsat 40e/TEMPOGTO.C..
2023-03F9..Intuitive Machines IM-1TLI?C-39A ..
2023-Q1F9..Oneweb F3PLR.C ..
2023-Q1F9.STürksat 6AGTO4200C..
2023-Q1F9..USSF-36.?C ..
2023-03F9.LSDA Tranche 0 Flight 1PLR~6kV-4E ..
2023-03 (NET)HRNRSXSViaSat 3 Americas (R)GEO~6kC-39A(H5).
2023-03 (NET)F9..Polaris Dawn (crewed)LEO.C-39A..
2023F9.SStarlink (Florida)LEO~16kC..
2023F9.SStarlink (Vandenberg)LEO~16kV..
2023F9R.WorldView Legion F2LEO.C..
2023F9..O3B mPOWER 7-9MEO~7kC..
2023-05F9..SpaceX Transporter-8SSO.C ..
2023-SpringF9..Axiom AX-2 (crewed)LEO.C-39A..
2023-Q2F9..Intuitive Machines IM-2TLI?C-39A ..
2023-06F9..CRS2 SpX-28LEO.C-39A..
2023-06F9..SDA Tranche 0 Flight 2PLR~6kV-4E ..
2023-Q2F9..Nusantara LimaGTO.C..
2023-midF9..Iridium 9/OneWebPLR?V-4E ..
2023-Q2F9..Galaxy 37GTO.C..
2023F9.SAstranis (4 sats)GTO~2kC..
2023-09F910xx-xSCCtCap Crew-7LEO.C-39A..
2023-Q3F9..NROL-69.?C ..
2023-10F9..SpaceX Transporter-9SSO.C ..
2023F9..Arabsat BADR-8GTO.C..
2023-12F9..CRS2 SpX-29LEO.C-39A..
2023-lateF9..Space Norway ABSMHEO4kV ..
2023-late (NET)F9..SpaceMobile Block 1LEO~8k?C/V..
2023 (NET)F9..Firefly Blue GhostTLI?.?..
2023 (NET) S..#dearMoonTLI.?..
2023 (NET) S..Lunar Lander DemoTLI.?..
2023 (NET)F9..NG Cygnus F1LEO.C..
2024-01 (NET)F9R.PACESSO1700C-40..
2024F9..Thuraya 4-NGSGTO.C..
2024-Q2F9..Intuitive Machines IM-3TLI?C ..
2024-springF9..SpaceLogistics MRVGTO.C..
2024F9..SpainSat NG IGTO.C..
2024 (NET)F9..NG Cygnus F2LEO.C..
202x S..MarsTMI.?..
2024-10H..Europa Clipper..C-39A(H11).
2024 (NET)F9..NG Cygnus F3LEO.C..
2024-H2F9..O3B mPOWER 10-11MEO~7kC..
2024F9..SDA T1 Transport F1LEO.V..
2024-11H..Astrobotic Griffin/VIPERTLI.C-39A(H9).
2024SS..Superbird 9GTO~3kC?..
2024-03 (NET)F910xx-xSCCtCap Crew-8LEO.C-39A..
2024 (NET)F910xx-xSCCtCap Crew-9LEO.C-39A..
2024 (NET) S..NASA Lunar LanderTLI.?..
2024 (NET)H..PPE/HALOBLT.C-39A(H12).
202?F9..Arabsat 7AGTO.C..
2025-02 (NET)F9..SPHERExSSO.V-4E..
2025...KOREASAT 6AGTO4500C..
2025F9..SpainSat NG IIGTO.C..
2025F9..Skynet 6AGTO~6kC..
2026-10H..Roman Space Telescope..C-39A(H13).
2027 (NET) S..NASA Lunar LanderTLI.?..
TBD (2026-2030)F9..Commercial Crew (-> 14)LEO.C-39A..
2022+...Starlink (many)LEO.C/V..
2023+F9..Transporter (few/year)SSO.C/V..
TBD (2021-2026)F9..CRS-2 (-> SpX-35)LEO.C..
TBD mid-2020'sH..Gateway LogisticsTLI.C-39A..
TBDF9..Polaris Progam 2..C-39A..
TBDS..Polaris Progam 3.....

(H4) USSF-44 - Serial Numbers:  Side1:1064-1  Center:1066-1  Side2: 1065-1
(H5) Viasat 3 - Serial Numbers:  Side1:1052-?  Center:1068-1  Side2: 1053-?
(H6) USSF-67 - Serial Numbers:  Side1:1064-2  Center:10xx-x  Side2: 1065-2
(H7) USSF-52 - Serial Numbers:  Side1:1064-3  Center:10xx-1  Side2: 1065-3
(H8) Psyche - Serial Numbers:  Side1:1072-1  Center:1074-1  Side2: 1075-1
(H9) Astrobotic/VIPER- Serial Numbers:  Side1:10xx-x  Center:10xx-x  Side2: 10xx-x
(H10) GOES U - Serial Numbers:  Side1:10xx-x  Center:10xx-x  Side2: 10xx-x
(H11) Europa Clipper - Serial Numbers:  side cores from Psyche
(H12) PPE/HALO - Serial Numbers:  Side1:10xx-x  Center:10xx-x  Side2: 10xx-x
(H13) Roman Space Telescope - Serial Numbers:  Side1:10xx-x  Center:10xx-x  Side2: 10xx-x

Companies that appear to have launch contracts for unspecified payloads:
Eutelsat, Inmarsat, Bigelow

Rideshare Program Thread
Rideshare payloads (which flight it's on may not be known yet)
       Local        LV  .                             .    Mass   .     
Est. Date,  Time/UTC.   Payload(s)                    Orb  (kg)   Site
-------------------  --- .----------------------------  --- .-----  ----- 
2022-11 (NET)F9ispace HAKUTO-R...
2023F9OSAM-2 (on Transporter?)SSO..
2023.South Korea CAS500-4 (on Transporter?)SSO~500.

Possible future payloads:

Competitions for future payloads:
Air Force

Canceled payloads: ABS-8, AMOS-8, GiSat-1, PTScientists, Ovzon-3, Bigelow Tourism to ISS, Space Adventures Dragon, Masten MM1

L2 notes on manifest:

Upcoming Mars Launch Windows: 2020-06, 2022-08, 2024-09, 2026-11, 2029-01

SpaceX Mission Paperwork / Raul's Map
Starlink Index Thread / Commercial Space Index Thread
L2 SpaceX CRS External Cargo
L2 Level SpaceX Falcon 9 Stage Watch / Public Core Spotting
SpaceX Launch Log (past launches) / Wikipedia Falcon Launches
Viewing flights from Vandenberg / Ben Cooper's Viewing Guide for Cape Canaveral / Viewing Flights from KSC/CCAFS
Upcoming SpaceX Talks / General Industry Talks
SpaceX Falcon Mission Simulations
SpaceX Eastern Range Landing Facilities
NSF Manifest Threads: U.S. / Russian / Arianespace / Japanese / Chinese / Indian / Rocket Lab / Consolidated

Recent Edits:
Dec 20  Added Sentinel-6B in Nov. 2025
Nov 28  Added Hisdesat SpainSat I & II in 2024 and 2025.  Added EROS C3 in Dec 2022.  Added second NASA lunar lander flight NET 2027.
Oct 31  SpX-29 moved to Dec 2023,
Oct 21  Added Euclid and Hera flights for ESA
Oct 16  Added HAKUTO-R as dedicated mission
Sep 20  Added Arabsat BADR-8 in 2023 and Arabsat 7A (date unknown)
Sep 14  Added KOREASAT 6A
Sep 12  Added Hotbird 13F, Hotbird 13G, Eutelsat 10B
Sep 08  Added Iridium 9 rideshare
Aug 18  Added SuperBird 9 on Starship in 2024
Aug 16  Removed Masten MM1.  Added Eutelsat Hotbird NET October 2022.  Added SpaceMobile BlueBird Block 1 NET late 2023
Aug 8  Added three flights of Cygnus
Jul 19  Added Roman Space Telescope Oct 2026
Jul 18 Moved Griffin/VIPER to Nov 2024
May 26  Added USSF-124, USSF-62, SDA Tranche 1 Transport Layer 1
May 6.  Added additional mPower flight.  Added Jupiter-3 in Q1-2023.
April 25  Added a Oneweb flight
Feb 21  Added SpaceLogistics MRV
Feb 20 Added Galaxy 37
Feb 14  Added Polaris Dawn (NET Q4 2022), Polaris Program 2 (TBD), Polaris Program 3 (TBD)
Dec 13  Added Axiom 2
Dec 3  Added Crew-7,-8,-9
Nov 2  Added Skynet 6A in 2025
Oct 18  Removed Space Adventures flight on Dragon
Oct 4  Moved USSF-44 to early 2022, USSF-52 to Q2 2022
Oct 3  Added CSG-2 Nov 2021
Sep 17  Added Türksat 6A in Q1 2023
Sep 10  Added GOES-U in 2024
Sep 8  Added Thuraya 4-NGS in 2023
Aug 29 Added EnMAP in 2022
Aug 10  Added IM-3 in 2024-Q1
Jul 24  Added Europa Clipper in 2024
Jun 21  Added Amazonas Nexus in second half 2022
May 20  Added Firefly Blue Ghost lunar lander in 2023
May 19  Moved USSF-44 to late 2021, USSF-52 to 2022
May 3  Moved SWOT to Nov '22.  Moved PACE to Nov 2023.  Added SpX-27/28/29 in 2023.  Worldview Legion to Q4.
Apr 23  Moved Intuitive Machines IM-1 to Q1-2022
Apr 13  Added Astrobotic Griffin with VIPER
Mar 9  Added NROL-69, USSF-36
Feb 17  Moved DART from July to November
Feb 9  Added PPE/HALO
Feb 4  Added SPHEREx
Feb 1  Added Inspiration4 (crewed Dragon LEO free-flight)
Jan 14  Added I-6 F2, Intuitive Machines F2
Jan 1  Added SDA Tranche 0 (2 Flights)
Nov 30  Moved IMAP from Oct 2024 to early 2025
Nov 5  Worldview Legion delayed until September 2021

All comments and updates are welcomed!  Thank you to all contributors!

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Re: SpaceX Manifest Updates Thread 5
« Reply #939 on: 12/30/2022 04:21 pm »
I grouped the same list into payloads, rideshares, crew, cargo and Starlink. Starlink (only?) makes up about half their launches, they also had a very healthy year in all kinds of customer payload.


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