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European RLV development threads
« on: 06/07/2023 03:41 pm »
I've been trying to search for some threads regarding European RLV developments and in particular, CALLISTO, but there were some difficulties partly thanks to NSF's internal search engine and due to unclear thread names. I think it's a new-user problem but I've thought, why not make life a bit more easier and create a thread portal for each of the topics. I think it could help us revisiting different topics from before.

general discussions

European space strategy and tech road maps
As the SpaceX steamroller surges, European rocket industry vows to resist [general European RLV development from 2018, thread locked]
CNES' director of launchers talks reusables rockets [2018 talks]
Europe joins the re-usability bandwagon? [general European RLV development]

specific development programs

Ariane Reusable (Ariane X) VTVL rocket proposed in 1981
Europe vows to develop Falcon 9 like rocket. [DLR RETALT program]
CNES ESA Prometheus / Callisto proposal
Themis - new reusable launcher (2023?)[discussion continued in Maia thread]
Maa Space - ArianeGroup reusable launcher (2026)
ArianeNext; Arianespace launch offering around 2030, discussion topic
PLD Space
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