Author Topic: ESA Commercial Cargo Transportation Initiative  (Read 7256 times)

Re: ESA Commercial Cargo Transportation Initiative
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That is not possible unless the entire Russian Segment's propulsion system is entirely replaced via a new service module and addon radial modules with new RCS and ACS hardware to replace the existing legacy hardware,  some dating back to MIR design and construction.

Getting off topic but I think that whole deorbit tug thing NASA is doing is just a way to develop something that could replace what the russian segments do under the disguise of an end-of-life module as to not tick off the russians.

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Re: ESA Commercial Cargo Transportation Initiative
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Has ESA stacked the deck for The Exploration Company to win its commercial cargo transportation contract?

CNES Publishes Call for the Demonstration of Reusable Launch Systems
By Andrew Parsonson - November 10, 2023


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