Author Topic: SpaceX F9 : SES-10 with reuse of CRS-8 Booster SN/1021 : 2017-03-30 : UPDATES  (Read 347254 times)

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Question from Chris!

Getting 40 up and running. Falcon Heavy is a high risk flight. 27 engines lighting simultaneously. Thought of calling it the Falcon 27. Launch FH from 39A. Block V, is more like a point upgrade. Falcon 9 v1.5. Ugrading the engines to their full thrust capability, by 7-10%. Forged Titanium grid fins. Incorporate a number of upgrades important to NASA.
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Me: How does Block 5 fit into more reusability.  And FH in summer, is that a good indicator of when 40 will be back as FH would go before then.

Elon: Wow.  Yes, you're right.  Need to get 40 up and running to do single stick flights there and FH from 39A.  FH is a high risk flight.  27 engines lighting simultaneous.  Technically is should be called Falcon 27.  But that sounds too scary. 

Bock 5 nomenclature, we're using wrong terminology.  It's more like version 2.5 of F9.  Block 5 most important part is op engines at highest thurust cap -- 10% more than what they currently run at -- and more reusability (grid fins).  Also updates for human spaceflight.

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Elon compliments Chris G on his knowlege! Attaboy, way to make NSF proud! :)
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Ok folk. The presser caught us unaware - and we were already into the one post of congrats each - part of the live thread. But everyone understood that was more important at the time and we have a nice stream of Q&A posts in succession via Chris G without interruptions. Many thanks!

One post of congrats is back, but yep - any questions, responses and so on....into the other associated threads. Thanks :)
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What can anyone say?!  Heartiest congratulations to SpaceX and all associated!

Congrats as well to 1021 herself, although she's had her ups and downs....
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Wow. A big congratulations to SpaceX and SES!

On April 12, 1981 I was a kid, in elementary school, watching a small black and white TV in my family cabin in the White Mountains (Arizona). I watched STS-1 launch from Pad 39A on the grainy screen with poor reception and that weekend my imagination was running wild as I played with a die cast shuttle toy my grandpa had got me.

Today I watched the SES-10 launch from Pad 39A on an iPad Pro with about the same screen size, light enough to hold in my hand. My imagination is running wild about what can happen in the next few years and decades as I am having dinner after work, thumbing through posts.

Although the Shuttle didn't completely fulfill its promise, it did open up a new era of space activity and was critical to building the ISS and servicing the Hubble Telescope while flying a large number of people into space. 36 years later it looks like a brand new era in space flight has arrived.
I'll even excitedly look forward to "flags and footprints" and suborbital missions. Just fly...somewhere.

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Congratulations to SpaceX, SES, Elon, and everyone involved!

I had to go with family to the grocery store, so I was the guy at Harris Teeter Starbucks with his eyes glued to Youtube on his phone.

From the moment the first booster landed, I knew reuse was possible. Now SpaceX has shown it was inevitable.

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The engineering vs. emotions thing was really something, wasn't it?  I had to remind myself to breathe occasionally from liftoff to MECO, not because I lacked confidence in the engineering team at SpaceX, just feeling the weight of the moment.

So, congratulations SpaceX, SES, and everyone else.  Thanks to NSF, et al, for the great coverage.  And you go, Chris G. making yourself and the site look well-informed as everyone here helps us try to be.  ;D

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Awesome, congrats Spacex.  Btw does anyone know when the next reused rocket will go up?

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Awesome, awesome achievement. World-class congratulations to SpaceX, Elon Musk and the entire SpaceX team. And a big thumbs up to SES for being the first to step up and say "Hell ya we'll take the re-flight ride". You guys are awesome.
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Well done Space-x and all.
Having seen humans land on the moon live , this was almost as good.

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Wow! What a great day!  Really awesome to witness history. Can't wait to see what this breakthrough holds for the future in terms of reusability spaceflight.

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Big congrats to SpaceX, Eastern Range and all others for the dramatic relaunch and landing of core 21 and the successful deployment of SES-10.

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Well done to the spacex family. The entire ride was enthralling.
My 2 and 4 year olds were screaming aloud with the spacex employees "GO FALCON 9"
Just brilliant.

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Musk: We have one landing in stormy seas where only thing the kept rocket from falling overboard as it slid around barge was lip on barge.

Nice to hear direct from the horses mouth that my analysis and speculation about the Thaicom Walkabout last year was spot on!  8)

It seems that one and probably two legs have compressed crush cores allowing a good pendulum teetering action to develop and increase in amplitude by further compressing the cores with the continuous rocking on deck. That bigger teeter caused incremental sliding toward the most compressed leg with each jarring stop, arrested only by the yellow I beam railing around the deck edge.

Whoever first came up with the idea for that railing around the ASDS deserves a serious attaboy from Elon. That saved the rocket from walking overboard.

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I watched core 1021 on CRS-8 launch live whilst flying with Don Gates, saw the first pictures after we landed of the successful stage sitting there beautifully on OCISLY. I was at McGregor last July to witness first hand the first full duration ~2.5mins test of a reused booster (JCSAT-14 I think) and have taken pictures of the first core to land back at LZ-1. I cannot wait to be in Florida for FH and to see both boosters return! Congrats to SpaceX for not listening to the naysayers, for pushing the boundaries and to SES for believing in the dream and becoming a part of history, Congrats also to NSF and Chris B too as without this site/them I wouldn't have had the opportunity to witness any of the above.

What an absolutely wonderful day!

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Well done to all involved.

Now, not to put too fine a point on it, but time to turn it all around and launch again in about 2 weeks, albeit on a different booster. Steady launch cadence, here we come!
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CONGRATULATIONS.   I'm very pleased to see that this finally happened.  Plus fairing recovery too!

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