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Online Chris Bergin

Fixed: Image Attachments
« on: 07/22/2016 12:30 pm »
Seems our host did a reboot this morning which has caused the site to come back with some dead links to attached images. We'll get it sorted out asap.


I let Mark know.

3 minutes later he says "Fixed". And it all looks super now. PM me if you find any issues, but it was one of those fixes that solved all the things I saw at issue in one go, so I assume that's got everything back to normal.

That man is a robot. ;D


Reason for the reboot was an emergency patch to the datacenters. That sounds dramatic, but it's actually really good. IBM don't mess about with a lazy attitude to keeping everything totally up to date on the protection against vulnerabilities, which is good for all concerned. Took us off line for a few minutes at about 9am UTC, and that's what annoyed the image database, but we're all good now.
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