Author Topic: NSF Outage 18:15 to 19:25 GMT May 6, 2014  (Read 1991 times)

Online Chris Bergin

OK, so that outage just now was totally out of the blue and really frustrating. Scheduled maintenance is one thing, but that an unexpected host issue.

I saw the site go down (as I'm always on it) and immediately went to the host in Dallas, Texas and requested resolution.

Told it was a VSI outage at their end. Outage was resolved and we were rebooted back to life.

Most of the time was their resolution of the outage. Rebooot was about 5-10 minutes I believe.

Really, really sorry for the inconvenience surrounding that. We are looking at mitigation options, as much as that appears to be the first ever specific fault of its kind since we've been with these guys.

We will likely take an option to do an OS Update Reboot early morning GMT (quietest time of the day for the site), which will be a 1-5 minute outage. I'll provide advanced warning.
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