NASASpaceflight L2 Subscription Sections

L2 Master Section

L2 Master Section. Massive depository from L2 Space Shuttle to everything that is not already in a specific L2 home.

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on 09/27/2023 03:16 pm

L2 SpaceX Section

L2 SpaceX Section - All vehicles, All missions (past, present, and long-term future) - including All Pads and All Facilities, Exclusive hi-res photos/video, and high-level discussion/evaluation.

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L2 ULA and Blue Origin

L2 Section covering ULA and Blue Origin vehicles and pads and production facilities

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on Today at 01:38 pm

L2 Small and Medium Launch

L2 Section Coverage Small and Medium launchers and facilities such as Antares, Firefly, Wallops etc.

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on 09/25/2023 09:59 pm

L2 ISS and Commercial Crew/Cargo

L2 Specific ISS Section, full of unreleased presentations, videos, photos, status updates more.

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on 09/27/2023 03:35 pm

L2 International Launch

From historical Russian vehicles, and exclusive Buran videos - to Soyuz - and next-gen vehicles. Includes launchers from other countries, such as UK and China.

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on 09/19/2023 02:10 pm

L2 Artemis and Deep Space

L2 Section for SLS/Orion/Artemis. Exclusive presentations, videos, photos, updates - includes Ares V onwards, through to Mars planning.

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on 09/25/2023 04:06 pm

L2 Space Flight Historical

Huge archive of hi-res downloadable photos. Vast Shuttle depository, and includes major old rockets historical photo sections (Thor, Titan - through to Shuttle - including new vehicles).

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on 09/26/2023 09:14 am

L2 Video Section

L2 section containing amazing unreleased videos, from riding on the flight decks of orbiters through re-entry, launch and mission videos, raw flyover vids and Behind the Scenes NSF vids, to technical evaluation videos

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on 09/25/2023 10:01 pm

NSF Landing Page (Site Rules, Overviews Development, Feedback)

The L2 Lobby Area

This section is for members interested in joining L2

237 Posts
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Last post by Chris Bergin
in L2 Membership Q&A Section - 2023 Update
on 08/06/2023 04:40 am and NSF Forum Site Rules/News

Section for site development news, new member help, site rules and questions

5410 Posts
139 Topics

Last post by Nomadd
in Re: Current NSF Forum Feedback Thread 2
on 09/25/2023 01:26 pm

NSF Site Improvement Workshop

A section for crowdsourcing NSF's community talent from design work to coding to moderating and writing. Join the NSF team.

119 Posts
12 Topics

Last post by SteveSpace
in Re: NextSpaceFlight website / smartphone app ...
on 09/16/2023 04:06 am

The NSF Store

A new section for the new NSF store - interactive for feedback, reviews, Q&A and new design ideas

51 Posts
11 Topics

General Discussion

General Discussion

All things Space Flight related.

93212 Posts
4199 Topics

Last post by ddspaceman
in Re: ASCAN and Unassigned Astronaut training i...
on Today at 04:08 pm

Space Policy Discussion

Space Politics Section ranging from the Augustine Review onwards

Read Only unless a L2 member to avoid political trolling.

90501 Posts
1100 Topics

Last post by yg1968
in Re: FY 2024 NASA Budget (9 March 2023)
on 09/27/2023 12:26 am

Live Event Section - Latest Space Flight News

Major Live Events hosted in this section, including the latest news from around the world of space flight

43862 Posts
3708 Topics

Last post by jacqmans
in Re: Earth from space: image of the week
on 09/22/2023 09:13 am

Historical Spaceflight

Missions that were, or will never be.

65368 Posts
4184 Topics

Last post by Dmitry_V_home
in Re: LKS - The Chelomei alternative to Buran
on Today at 04:30 pm

Advanced Concepts

In-works and future conceptual ideas of space flight, from Nuclear Propulsion to Tethers and beyond.

93229 Posts
2574 Topics

Last post by LMT
in Re: Mars Bulk Cargo, Delivered Cheaply Withou...
on Today at 01:10 pm

New Physics for Space Technology

New Forum Section for space technology concepts that rely on non-conventional physics - such as EM Drive.

50548 Posts
184 Topics

Last post by WarpTech
in Re: Alcubierre drive - Updates and Discussion
on 09/20/2023 01:52 pm

Q&A Section

A collection of Q&A threads. Search for an answer, or post a new question in one of the Q&A threads

21075 Posts
511 Topics

Last post by TrueBlueWitt
in Re: Why do some people believe in crazy consp...
on Today at 12:14 pm

Spaceflight Entertainment and Hobbies

A section dedicated to model builders of NASA and space hardware, space related movies, books and entertainment.

26389 Posts
1207 Topics

Last post by Mondagun
in Re: Grand Admiral Elon Musk
on 09/27/2023 09:10 pm

Aerospace Education/Colleges/Careers

A section for those looking for education and career advice for getting into the field of Aerospace.

1548 Posts
131 Topics

Last post by catdlr
in SARP, the Student Airborne Research Program
on 09/01/2023 08:40 pm

NSF Video Section

A newly revamped section for NSF Videos Under Construction

821 Posts
627 Topics

Polls Section

A new section for polls (Including some old ones)

10037 Posts
219 Topics

Last post by deltaV
in Re: With which upper stage will Artemis IV fl...
on Today at 08:11 am

International Space Station (ISS)

ISS Section

Live Expedition coverage and the latest news from the ISS

84037 Posts
1330 Topics

Last post by ddspaceman
in Re: Expedition 70 Thread
on Today at 04:42 pm

In-Space Hardware Section

New section for in-space hardware, such as Prop Depots, Bigelow Modules, etc.

7427 Posts
112 Topics

Last post by Paul451
in Re: Low Cost Batch Built Space Telescopes
on 09/15/2023 01:21 am

SLS / Orion / Beyond-LEO HSF - Constellation

Heavy Lift Launch Vehicle (HLV/SLS)

Section for the Heavy Lift Launch Vehicle (HLV) or Space Launch System (SLS). Home of DIRECT's Jupiter, SD HLVs and other HLVs

104900 Posts
790 Topics

Last post by catdlr
in Re: Artemis II (EM-2) UPDATES [Weisman, Glove...
on Today at 01:34 am

Orion and Exploration Vehicles

News and updates specific to manned exploration vehicles, such as Orion and Lander concepts

23810 Posts
629 Topics

Missions To The Near Earth Asteroids (HSF)

Section dedicated to HSF missions to NEAs

3325 Posts
67 Topics

Last post by Twark_Main
in Re: The Problems With Space Mining No One Is ...
on 07/10/2023 07:39 pm

Missions To The Moon (HSF)

Forum section dedicated on HSF Missions To The Moon (EM-1 etc).

36642 Posts
347 Topics

Missions To Mars (HSF)

Forum section dedicated on HSF Missions To Mars

36184 Posts
630 Topics

Last post by spacenut
in Re: Mars Radiation
on Today at 10:54 am

Cancelled Ares I and Ares Tests

Section for the cancelled Constellation Ares I and associated testing.

25948 Posts
579 Topics

Last post by jackvancouver
in Re: Remembering Ares I-X 10 years on (multipl...
on 04/23/2023 10:15 pm

SpaceX Vehicles and Missions

SpaceX General Section

Specific section for SpaceX, their launch vehicles and Dragon.

78270 Posts
1109 Topics

SpaceX Falcon Missions Section

Section for SpaceX Launches and Missions - from the early days with Falcon 1 to Falcon 9 - and now Falcon Heavy. Starship missions are hosted in the Starship Section.

183819 Posts
626 Topics

SpaceX Facilities and Fleets

Section dedicated to SpaceX Pads, Facilities and Fleets - such as ASDS, etc.

39669 Posts
162 Topics

SpaceX Reusability

Specific Section for SpaceX's Reusable technology - From the days of Grasshopper through to Fairing Recovery etc.

28289 Posts
248 Topics

Last post by FutureSpaceTourist
in Re: Fairing reuse
on 09/27/2023 03:42 pm

SpaceX Starship Program

SpaceX Starship Section, covering the whole program, from preparations to test launches - from Starbase to KSC, and to the future through to Deep Space crewed missions.

212095 Posts
830 Topics

Last post by phantomdj
in Re: FAA, FWS, and other relevant permits/lice...
on Today at 03:38 pm

SpaceX Early Days Archive Section

A section for archived mega threads of historical nature

82681 Posts
93 Topics

Last post by Chris Bergin
in Re: SpaceX Texas launch site Discussion and U...
on 12/18/2018 04:08 pm

Commercial and US Government Launch Vehicles

Commercial Space Flight General

Updates on the Commercial space sector.

64966 Posts
1122 Topics

Commercial Crew Vehicles General

Specific area for the Commercial Crew vehicles updates and discussion. (Starliner, Dream Chaserand Dragon hosted in specific sections)

13803 Posts
104 Topics

Last post by Kiwi53
in Re: Commercial Crew - Discussion Thread 3
on 09/22/2023 05:39 am

Sierra Space Dream Chaser Section

Forum section specific to Sierra Space's Dream Chaser spacecraft - from Crew to Cargo

8113 Posts
49 Topics

Last post by catdlr
in Re: Sierra Space
on 09/27/2023 02:32 pm

Boeing Starliner (CST-100) Section

Forum section specific to Boeing's Starliner (CST-100) spacecraft.

9619 Posts
44 Topics

Last post by drnscr
in Re: Boeing's Starliner (CST-100) - Discussion...
on 09/01/2023 03:05 am

NGIS (Formerly Orbital ATK) - Antares/Cygnus Section

Specific section for Northrop Grumman Innovation Systems (Formerly Orbital ATK) vehicles - Antares, Cygnus, Pegasus, Minotaur, Taurus.

26396 Posts
268 Topics

ULA - Delta, Atlas, Vulcan

New Section for ULA Vehicles and Missions. Covering Atlas, Delta and Vulcan vehicles.

72100 Posts
605 Topics

Blue Origin

New Section covering Blue Origin vehicles and Development.

26150 Posts
136 Topics

Rocket Lab

New Section dedicated to Rocket Lab development, testing and mission coverage.

13563 Posts
106 Topics

Last post by FutureSpaceTourist
in Re: Rocket Lab General Discussion Thread
on 09/27/2023 08:21 pm


A new forum section combining all the previous and future Astra threads

2255 Posts
13 Topics

Last post by eeergo
in Re: Astra Space
on 09/21/2023 01:50 pm

Virgin Orbit/Virgin Galactic

New Section covering Virgin Orbit testing and missions. Also covering Virgin Galactic testing.

8439 Posts
87 Topics

Other US Launchers

Section for US Launchers - General - Other than ULA specific - Atlas and Delta - vehicles.

10586 Posts
85 Topics

Last post by zubenelgenubi
in Re: US Launch Schedule
on Today at 04:13 pm

NASA Shuttle Specific Sections

Discovery (Post-STS-133, T&R)

Post STS-133 coverage and T&R coverage for Shuttle Discovery (OV-103)

56755 Posts
548 Topics

Last post by Nicolas PILLET
in Re: OV-103 in Dulles
on 08/03/2023 11:32 am

Atlantis (Post STS-135, T&R)

Post STS-135 coverage for Shuttle Atlantis (OV-104)

50211 Posts
366 Topics

Last post by saturnapollo
in Re: STS 135 - 10th Year Anniversary Video - T...
on 07/22/2021 12:08 am

Endeavour (Post-STS-134, T&R)

Post STS-134 coverage for Shuttle Endeavour (OV-105)

46024 Posts
296 Topics

Last post by catdlr
in Re: Endeavour @ California Science Center's S...
on 09/21/2023 12:28 am

Shuttle History - Pre-RTF

A historical section for Shuttle coverage prior to this site's birth

15238 Posts
230 Topics

Last post by Vahe231991
in Video of space shuttle Enterprise rollout cer...
on 09/22/2023 02:50 am

Robotic Spacecraft (Astronomy, Planetary, Earth, Solar/Heliophysics)

Space Science Coverage

From the Voyagers to the latest BEO probes and space telescopes Full mission coverage post Spacecraft Separation updates

50995 Posts
624 Topics

Last post by Athelstane
in Re: NASA Psyche - Updates and Discussion
on Today at 03:48 pm

Mars Science Laboratory (MSL) and Mars 2020 Rover Section

Special Event Section for MSL's EDL on Mars and SOL coverage. Also covers build up to Mars 2020 Rover

12431 Posts
114 Topics

Last post by FutureSpaceTourist
in Re: Perseverance, Mars 2020 Rover : Updates
on 09/26/2023 10:32 pm

International Space Flight (ESA, Russia, China and others)

Russian Launchers - Soyuz, Progress and Uncrewed

News and Updates based around the Russian vehicles.

82868 Posts
1258 Topics

Last post by Salo
in Re: Russian Launch Schedule - Discussion
on Today at 02:16 pm

ESA Launchers - Ariane, Soyuz at CSG, Vega

Updates and launch coverage of ESA unmanned launches.

40747 Posts
580 Topics

Japanese Launchers

Section dedicated to Japanese launches and missions.

11636 Posts
207 Topics

Chinese Launchers

Updates and launch coverage of Chinese launches.

40264 Posts
828 Topics

Last post by FutureSpaceTourist
in Re: China to have new rockets
on Today at 03:59 pm

Indian Launchers

New Section for India's space program (ISRO).

18600 Posts
280 Topics

Last post by JetProp
in Re: Skyroot Aerospace
on 09/21/2023 03:56 pm

Other Launchers (Korean, Brazilian etc.)

Coverage of all other launches, ranging Korean to suborbital etc.

8132 Posts
219 Topics

Suborbital Missions

A New board for Suborbital missions - such as Wallops sounding rocket missions through to Copenhagen Suborbitals, etc.

5726 Posts
72 Topics

Last post by Fmedici
in Re: The suborbital thread!
on Today at 08:40 am

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