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Re: Challenger's Grave
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Challenger disaster's 25th anniversary

On the 25th anniversary of the disaster, science reporter Paul Rincon looks back at the events which led up to the accident and its impact on human spaceflight.
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Re: Challenger's Grave
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I remember seeing the silo on a tour bus years ago.  Do you guys think something should be put on the silo that says this is where Challenger was put?  It's a blank silo with nothing on it. Unless the tour guide says something, no one knows.

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Re: Challenger's Grave
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It would be nice to at least see some kind of marker placed at the perimeter of the complex she's buried in. Hard enough to find as
it is. Hell, I work out here and just recently found it this past fall. Been looking for it in my spare time since I started working here.
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