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SMS notification subscription service
« on: 07/28/2023 02:15 pm »
I'd be willing to pay a couple bucks a month for an SMS notification service whenever something interesting happens with SpaceX.

I enjoy seeing some of the milestone live videos.  Maybe a subscription service where a customer could select what types of things they would be interested in getting notified about via SMS. Such as: first static fire test, first showerhead test, etc.  The hosts for the livestream would then select which events are about to happen and send notifications. If the customer signed up for those types of notifications then they get alerted via SMS with link to live video feed.

I realize SpaceX doesn't publish their testing schedule so basically this service would be for paying someone to watch it for me and notify when something I'm interested in is about to happen.  There are companies out there that handle the back-end of this so NSF would only pay per SMS and probably have to interface with an API.

My 2 cents for improvement; keep up the good work.


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