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There's some amazing work from people creating renders of rockets, not least of Starship and Super Heavy and we're looking to bring some more people in with specific tasks to help illustrate our news articles, etc.

With the talented Nathan Koga on hiatus, we're looking to build a team of people willing to create renders. Nathan's work is the benchmark, though I can appreciate most people won't be as good.

An outline.

You will always own your render. No handing over of rights, like some sites try as a trick.
Regular commissioned work will be negotiated. You'll get free L2, and work will be hosted in there (like Nathan's were). Published renders will have your name and the site's name on them and will be exclusive (by way of publication, not ownership) to NSF. The exposure on a site our size will be great for you - and you'd get links to any personal site - but we all hate that "we'll pay you in exposure line". Hosting original work in L2 - our primary revenue stream - makes it justifiable to pay a bit of cash for the best renders and be able to run them in news articles without seeing them on other news sites beforehand.

I'll edit this to suit preferences as we gain people who are interested but need more parameters. I'm opening this up to our great community first and will also go head hunting later on Twitter - where we've seen some amazing work and thus my push on here.

You'll also be entered in our NSF Towers Discord channel, where the NSF team meets.

Send me a PM here if interested to hear more.;sa=send;u=3
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Re: Graphics, Artists, Rendering Talent Required
« Reply #1 on: 06/20/2019 07:46 pm »
Nathan's work has been outstanding, and no doubt a tough act to follow.

Nathan had a specific style of illustration that he used, but I would imagine that there would be a variety of different types that could also be informative and enlightening, so I hope many decide to audition for this opportunity.
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Re: Graphics, Artists, Rendering Talent Required
« Reply #2 on: 06/30/2019 06:10 pm »
How many renders a month would be required?


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