Author Topic: LIVE: SpaceX CRS-3 Dragon - RNDZ, Berthing, ISS Ops - UPDATES  (Read 130650 times)

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Now why can't NASA or SpaceX release cool images like that from inside Dragon? We've never had any images released from inside Dragon since the SpaceX demo mission two years ago.

Why is it that the only available pictures taken inside a (part US taxpayer funded) commercial spacecraft are via the personal blog of a cosmonaut? (And that is not a criticism of Russia in any way - just a note that NASA and SpaceX PR cannot seem to do the things that others can, even when it involves their own vehicles.)

I agree, Pete. It's a shame we haven't seen great interior photos like this before.  Interesting to me is that the two Glacier units appear to be mounted upside down to each other (unless it's just the decals that are inverted! :) )

Also,on photos 12 & 13, the port & starboard navigation lights seem more intense to me that on previous flights. Is it just the particular photo, or have SpaceX reconfigured the nav lights? (brighter and/or angled to illuminate more of the solar panels)

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