Author Topic: Artemis 2 & 3 discussion thread  (Read 23950 times)

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Re: Artemis 2 & 3 discussion thread
« Reply #80 on: 11/24/2022 02:26 am »
For Artemis 2 do not see to much of possible schedule impacts due to the damages listed. Mainly because of the 20 month timeline between Artemis 1 and 2 launch. But the work to repair ML-1 will impact work on ML-2 and can cause some slight delays of it being finished for Artemis 4. This is due to the use of funds which would be otherwise spent on ML-2 to fix ML-1. It should not be big but it is still a scheduling impact. Hopefully once a Budget is passed for 2023 that extra funds are added for ML's work is added.
As I've stated, completion of the ML-2 as well as launch of Artemis 4 (maiden flight of SLS Block 1B) is a long way off, giving NASA some time to make repairs to the ML-1 pad before the non-SRB components of the SLS rocket slated for Artemis 2 are assembled and the SRBs stacked later.


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