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NSF Instagram
« on: 08/24/2020 07:10 pm »
We're happy to announce we now have our own Instagram account for NSF.

We've wanted one for a while, but the setup and grind of bringing it up to speed with our other social media platforms delayed matters until a member of our community (and now a member of our team) Liam (@Space_Facts_NSF) offered to run it and has kindly converted his account to allow management and a "ball already rolling" approach. So he is now the stream moderator and the admin of the official NSF Instagram.

This account will be our official account. It'll benefit from quality NSF content and "cool stuff" while NSF will benefit from being properly linked back for the viewer of the IG account to gain additional content resources.

Please support this IG account as one of the things you can help for free, by way of following and interacting (knowledgable community in post comments help new space fans, etc).
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Re: NSF Instagram
« Reply #1 on: 08/24/2020 07:27 pm »
Good luck! Per other notes in recent threads, could you set it up that it copies back content to the Forum as well? For posterity and non Instagram users and to minimize fragmentation?


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