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Title: Please clarify forum rules regarding SpaceX related post on non-SpaceX thread
Post by: su27k on 04/13/2021 01:41 am
I just have two well written comments deleted without warning, I can only guess that the reason they were deleted is because I'm posting something related to SpaceX in a non-SpaceX thread. If that is the case, please make sure:
1. This forum rule is communicated to everyone
2. Actually enforce this rule in a unbiased manner, for example this comment ( is a SpaceX related comment (basically defending someone's (unfair) criticism regarding SpaceX) in a OneWeb thread, yet this comment is not deleted, but my reply to it is deleted. You can't just allow criticism against SpaceX in a non-SpaceX thread while at the same time deleting any attempt to refute the criticism, that's censorship.