Author Topic: Here's how to suppress Tapatalk spam  (Read 3205 times)

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Here's how to suppress Tapatalk spam
« on: 09/21/2022 04:02 pm »
Many users have posted here using an application called Tapatalk, which apparently works well. Unfortunately, its default settings add a gratuitous line of advertising text, and this irritates a lot of other users.
The following message tells you how to change your configuration to keep Tapatalk from adding this spam. If you use Tapatalk, please do this. If you are an irritated user, please point the Tapatalk user to this message.
MP99, good posting.  You could improve it by losing the Tapatalk spam.
Would love to.

I have always configed this away in the past, but I think they may have removed the setting for that at some point.

Sent from my 21091116UG using Tapatalk
User Control Panel or Settings
Edit Signature
Make it blank

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Re: Here's how to suppress Tapatalk spam
« Reply #1 on: 09/22/2022 06:19 pm »
LOL I have been quietly messaging the offenders for YEARS.  Here is the request I send them:

Hi ... Could you go into your Tapatalk app settings and turn off / delete the signature that it's adding?  ("Sent from my Device using Tapatalk")  This is just a standard request that we make to reduce clutter on the forum.  FYI we've also learned that Tapatalk turns that advertisement back on after each app upgrade, or at least used to, LOL thanks Tapatalk :)

One user in particular seems to ignore and continue.

Thanks for the exact steps.
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PSA #1:  Suppress forum auto-embed of Youtube videos by deleting leading 'www.' (four characters) in YT URL; useful when linking text to YT, or just to avoid bloat.
PSA #2:  Users who particularly annoy you can be suppressed in forum view via Modify Profile -> Buddies / Ignore List.  *** See profile for two more NSF forum tips. ***

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Re: Here's how to suppress Tapatalk spam
« Reply #2 on: 09/23/2022 09:58 pm »
I've been to forums where failure to remove the tapatalk spam resulted in a short ban (hours or days or something). It seemed rather blunt to me, but I'm starting to like that policy. The tapatalk spam is getting on my nerves more and more.


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