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A new cancel-and-replace NGA Rocket Launching notice. Unless I missed something, it does nothing except remove the hazard warning period that started on February 24. It does not add any additional backup days.

Quote from: NGA
250015Z FEB 24
NAVAREA IV 212/24(11,26).
   252134Z TO 260205Z FEB, ALTERNATE
   262109Z TO 270140Z, 272044Z TO 280115Z,
   282018Z TO 290049Z, 291953Z FEB TO 010024Z MAR,
   011928Z TO 012359Z MAR
   A. 28-39.00N 080-37.69W, 28-39.00N 080-28.00W,
      28-30.00N 080-10.00W, 28-24.00N 080-09.00W,
      28-21.00N 080-11.00W, 28-23.00N 080-19.00W,
      28-29.35N 080-32.49W.
   B. 26-15.00N 076-00.00W, 26-06.00N 074-58.00W,
      25-36.00N 074-03.00W, 25-23.00N 073-53.00W,
      25-09.00N 074-01.00W, 25-06.00N 074-16.00W,
      25-08.00N 074-38.00W, 25-18.00N 075-00.00W,
      25-58.00N 075-59.00W.
3. CANCEL THIS MSG 020059Z MAR 24.
Advanced Concepts / Re: Realistic, near-term, rotating Space Station
« Last post by LMT on 02/24/2024 11:37 pm »
...approaches that seem workable without mandating that the visiting vehicle be designed to rotate.

Which real spacecraft aren't "designed to rotate"?   ::)

The Space shuttle (retired).
Starship, except for the special case of the Moon landing version.

Can't rotate?
ULA - Delta, Atlas, Vulcan / Re: Potential sale of ULA
« Last post by DanClemmensen on 02/24/2024 11:36 pm »
I don't really understand how buying ULA wouldn't be a step back for BO. But then again I have been confused by BO's development strategy for years now.

Well, consider: the addition of ULA buys Blue immediate cred with the Space Force, gives them an existing NSSL manifest, and puts them in a top position for future awards.

Commercially, ULA and Blue together are responsible for 59 of the 80 of the currently-awarded Kuiper launches. That's up from 12 for Blue alone.
It's more than "cred". ULA has the most experienced NSSL mission support and launch services team, in place and functioning. I think NSSL launches have unique process requirements and also some unique technical requirements. The only other in-place team is SpaceX, and NSSL is structured to maintain two suppliers. IMO this may be ULA's most valuable asset.

You put "cred" in scare quotes as if it's a bad thing. It isn't. The factors you list above contribute to ULA's credibility.
I'm sorry you interpreted those as "scare quotes". I'm old fashioned. They were supposed to indicate that a know that "cred" is not actually a word in the English language. Credibility is not a bad thing at all, but "cred" can be interpreted as a PR term that does not have a lot of actual credibility behind it.
Space Science Coverage / Re: IM-1 Odysseus lunar lander
« Last post by theinternetftw on 02/24/2024 11:35 pm »

Tim Crain has reached out to the infographic maker, saying he's willing to share attitude data to help create an accurate graphic of the tip-over event.

@InfographicTony - IM-1 Work-in-progress of my (unofficial) infographic with the updated post-landing. This is only a "possible" scenario and is my interpretation of how Odysseus may have landed based on yesterday's news conference. The steps will be added to my main infographic and are subject to change as more details emerge.

@CrainTim - Would it help if I gave you an attitude profile?

New Glenn, meet the Full Moon 💙🌕

Blue Originís New Glenn Pathfinder vehicle stands at Launch Complex 36 this evening with the rising Moon as a backdrop. The rocket had just started being lowered to the horizontal position ó perfect timing.
In-Space Hardware Section / Re: Rotating Stations for Tourism
« Last post by floss on 02/24/2024 11:22 pm »
The full ring is too big an costly what is needed is an initial station that provides safe living conditions and an income you can spend a century or two building extensions as population grows .
NASA's Johnson Space Center
10 days until these astronauts are officially well, astronauts! 

Today we are spotlighting astronaut Jack Hathaway. Jack, 

What does going to the Moon mean to you?
What made you feel alive during training?
What is the biggest way you have changed since starting at @NASA?
What are you the go-to person for in the group?
I hear off and on reading some threads and viewing some live streams of people calling the Meg-Bay 2 as "Star-Bay" (i.e., Starships only in this Bay) and the other Mega-Bay as "Booster Bay" (i.e. only booster in this Bay).  So what should the HIgh-Bay be called?     "OLD Bay".
What's wrong with requiring that bidders have prior experience in spaceflight?
Because you might rule out someone with a creative and innovative approach that can significantly improve how it gets done.  That doesn't mean you don't seriously scrutinize what is being proposed.

Also cost. Taken to the extreme NASA could have solicited bids only from companies with proven planetary lander technology. LM would have won, offering a single mission that consumed the entire budget, with no likelihood of cost reduction on future missions.

If a hungry bear is charging at you then yes, you want a high precision rifle to fire a single super-expensive round. If you're being rushed by a pack of wolves a low-cost shotgun is the better choice. NASA wants to get lots of small-ish payloads to the lunar surface, particularly the south pole region. CLPS stands a good chance of enabling more than one low-cost service provider that can compete to provide that.
Primary launch time = February 25 at 21:34 UTC.

Quote from: SpaceX
SpaceX is targeting Sunday, February 25 for a Falcon 9 launch of 24 Starlink satellites to low-Earth orbit from Space Launch Complex 40 (SLC-40) at Cape Canaveral Space Force Station in Florida. Liftoff is targeted for 4:34 p.m. ET, with backup opportunities available until 8:34 p.m. ET.
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