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When Will Booster 9 and Ship 25 Take Flight?jongoff152480
IFT2 Prediction SpreadsheetAL13N153739
Starship 26 Potential Usage TheoriesJohnsterSpaceProgram185480
Starship HLS Development (Discussion+Updates)Starmang10103398
Will Mars-bound Starships actually be reused?steveleach48051925
Commercial human spaceflight regulationdeltaV233197
B9 + S25 IFT/General DiscussionStarmang10999272832
SpaceX Starship IFT-1 Debris Discussion/UpdatesStarmang1073483
Starship first fully-operational launchLee Jay254255
Thrust to weight ratio of starship V2 with 6 vacuum engines on the second stageSarigolepas318170
How Soon Will SpaceX Be Ready to Fly Starship/SuperHeavy Again?jongoff12623511
Starship S26 flight testoscarddt52112
Booster 7 Ship 24 launch attempt pollCorvusCorax62684
Who will get to Mars first, USA or China?Tywin122697
Seeking advice and suggestions on where to photograph Starship frompedz41453
Elon Musk, 6 February 2023: "Mars in 20 years"Tywin249136
Starship Launch Attempts in 2023CraigLieb3910060
Starship Expendable Upper Stage?Asteroza12128331
HLS Landing in 2023 - What would it take?TrueBlueWitt10130075
Biggest Starships - Size Comparisonsanman92378
Hypergolic fuel for StarshipAnguy84346
First to reach orbit, New Glenn vs Starship?Tywin7016617
Number of cargo and manned spacecraft in 2030?Tywin103276
Which will launch first, SLS or Starship?StarshipTrooper499548
Super Heavy Booster 9 + Starship 25 UPDATESFutureSpaceTourist480464136
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