Author Topic: SpaceX F9 : Starlink group 6-33 : CCSFS SLC-40 : 7 December 2023 (05:07 UTC)  (Read 17042 times)

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From 24 miles away

Dec 6, 2023
Here's my video of the Dec 7 Falcon 9 launch, as seen from 24.4 miles. Launch time was 12:07 am. Payload was more Starlink Internet satellites. I had a clear view of ignition and ascent, staging, and some of the second stage flight. I then explored the camera's ability to see stars in low light mode, starting with a view of the constellation Orion and zooming in on stars in the area of M42, although I'm not sure if M42 is actually in the view at 70x and 50x zoom. On this camera, maximum optical zoom is 24x, so when I was zoomed into stars the image is "digital zoom," which causes a loss of sharpness. But still interesting (to me).

It's Tony De La Rosa, ...I don't create this stuff, I just report it.


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