Author Topic: LIVE: SpaceX Dragon COTS Demo (C2+) FD10 - EOM - UNBERTH, ENTRY, SPLASHDOWN  (Read 289028 times)

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Congratulations to SpaceX for this historic achievement! May there be many more!

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I'll be very interested to see how the CBM has fared re-entry - my guess is that they'll have to completely replace the berthing collar after each flight. We'll soon see...
...but this Dragon won't fly again anyway...
Nothing definitive, but yesterday Mr. Couluris noted that NASA purchased new spacecraft for each CRS flight, so none of them will be reflown for that contract (though he did indicate some could be re-used for other applications).  That, coupled with the historical significance of this vehicle, makes it an educated guess it will go on permanent display.
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Serious congratulations to SpaceX for achieving the highest level of professionalism, to NASA for the guidance and support, and to NSF for the amazing coverage.

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Congrats SpaceX!

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Once again NSF has done a fantastic job. Not only were SpaceX and NASA spot on, so was NSF for its complete coverage. Well done, to all!!!!!

I'll second that !!!!  :)

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Woo hoo!

Congratulations SpaceX.  Outstanding mission performance.

Now get your butts in gear and get the next one up. :)

Good luck.  We need domestic supply and recovery capability to ISS.

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Once again NSF has done a fantastic job. Not only were SpaceX and NASA spot on, so was NSF for its complete coverage. Well done, to all!!!!!

I'll second that !!!!  :)

Thirds from me - great job Chris / NSF :D

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The Dragon has splashed down… Thanks a lot, I’m breathing again… Epic flight SpaceX, NASA and coverage NSF! :)
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Three entities have flown spacecraft to the ISS and landed them back on Earth: Russia, the United States and Elon Musk.

Tillykke ("Congratulations" in Danish) to SpaceX, NASA, the US and to all who believe in a great future for space flight! Thanks NSF for the coverage.
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Congratulations to SpaceX and NASA on a job well done!  It's an impressive achievement and validation of the COTS program.  (for reference, the HTV program cost over $600 million and 10+ years of development, and ATV was even more). 

And looking forward, good luck to Cygnus! 

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Massive congratulations to SpaceX for a superb development and execution of a tough assignment, including pushing NASA to accelerate the acceptance of their fine spacecraft. Significant downmass from ISS is re-established.

And of course a big shout-out to Chris and his team, and all the contributors too, for the great coverage here.
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Congrats SpaceX & NASA!
Went just swimmingly!
A new age in spaceflight has begun!  What an historic event to witness!

This what America is all about!

Now just a comment about the historic event to this age of instant iphone vid and pics shared via facebook,twitter, etc...where was the extended coverage for the splashdown?  This moment should of had more live coverage...more fanfare...more color pics..."splashy" so to speak!  This is where ppl in the space business fail with the american ppl, they fail to sell themselves or their product.  okay enough said...sorry.
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given the number of "firsts" in this mission it went about as perfectly as it possibly could... as frustrating as the waiting has been and the delays I have to say its all worth it now...great mission and great success..  definitely something for all spaceX people to be proud of... well done.

now - when is the next flight...  :)
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Congratulation to Space Exploration Technologies.   Next stop mars.  :D

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Congratulations to all at SpaceX for making it "Look Easy".

Thanks NSF for the excellent coverage.
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Congrats to SpaceX for this great achievement.
Congrats to NASA for choosing the commercial path.
Congrats to Chris and NSF for this excellent coverage.

Any news on what the secret payload was?
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First off, congrats to SpaceX. Even though I'm sure they flew COTS 2/3 a few thousand times in the sim, it's still a remarkable achievement that they flew a nearly flawless demo flight.

John Couluris said that this Dragon would be put on display.

Yeah, I think that this Dragon needs to end up at NASM. Even though the Dragon from COTS1 was the first private launch and entry vehicle to orbit the Earth, the COTS2/3 Dragon was the first to operationally visit Station and participate in a NASA activity, which arguably makes it more historically significant.

Since NASM already has a flight article from every spacecraft to fly as in support of NASA's manned spaceflight activities (Mercury, Gemini, Apollo, Skylab, Shuttle), it would seem to follow that the Dragon needs to be there to tell "the next chapter" of the story. And hopefully in a few years when SpaceX starts flying astronauts to Station, it'll make even more sense to have Dragon on display there.

-- Craig

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Congratulations SpaceX

Your team could have quit at any number of times, you had more excuses than most to be able to walk away with your head held high.

But you didn't, you kept going, no matter how many times you where doubted and nearly insulted by members of the media and the political leadership.

Thank you SpaceX, you have truly burned a path I hope many follow.
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First congratulations to SpaceX for a generally boring mission. Boring is good in spaceflight.

Video is still awful, but you can just make Dragon out.

You'd think in this day and age they would be able to get better video, especially after spashdown.  Pretty crappy.

Maybe if they had an aircraft carrier...

No, just need a LST or LPD type amphibious assault ship. Maybe even an offshore oil platform support ship with a helipad.


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