Author Topic: Space Shuttle Era: The role of Media (2010)  (Read 14735 times)

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Space Shuttle Era: The role of Media (2010)
« on: 08/26/2022 09:42 am »

Looking back 12 years on this and knowing Twitter was in it's infancy and knowing Spacevidcast (now TMRO) was in it's infancy too when this video was shot, it was interesting to hear the perspective of established media looking forward to Internet coverage and how new media was going to cause an evolution in space flight coverage.

Nowadays we have Das and his robots.

12 years of evolution has now led to the true democratization of spaceflight reporting because the Internet is so connected, it's an interesting retrospective to look at this now and say "This is how it began."

This was made around the time of preparations for STS-133, last flight of Discovery, just after STS-132 wrapped up.

I wasn't around when NSF had staff at the NASA centers in September of 2010, but I'm hoping there's someone people recognize in this video.
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