Author Topic: Could (and should) SpaceX sell the rights to be first to set foot on Mars?  (Read 8526 times)

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Anyone else find this thread a bit premature?

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  • Delta-t is an important metric.
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Anyone else find this thread a bit premature?

Well, it has been more than nine months since the thread began...
Sometimes I just flat out don't get it.

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Anyone else find this thread a bit premature?

Well there're VG ticket holders who have been waiting for 16 years, so no, I don't think this discussion is premature...

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There's only one correct answer to the question.  The first person to step foot on Mars needs to be....
Elon Musk. 
Who else will have put more time, more money, or more effort into getting there?  Who is most responsible for getting there?  Who deserves the honor more?
I have no issue at all with collecting a few billion USD from a couple of passengers to be among the first crew on Mars.  After all, how many people do you believe are going to be on the first flight?  Three?  Five?  A dozen?  I'm leaning more towards the latter, and they certainly won't need to all be "steely-eyed missile men".

Have you any idea what it would like be locked in a tin can with him for years?
"There is nobody who is a bigger fan of sending robots to Mars than me... But I believe firmly that the best, the most comprehensive, the most successful exploration will be done by humans" Steve Squyres

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He is psychologically unbalanced, all that Ambien and insomnia would make him unfit as a stock astronaut or for a trip to Mars - even in such a large and roomy ship as a Starship. He also has a pig of a character.
I can say from personal experience that school bullying doesn't help - it's a poison. Can damage a life beyond repair.  Leaves emotional scars.

And then there is this ugly thing - quite revealing, unfortunately.
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Anyone else find this thread a bit premature?

Somewhat. I would consider the ideal time for a similar thread to start as being about 3 months after SpaceX successfully landing a couple of cargo Starships on Mars and closer to Earth has successfully completed at least one crewed Starship mission.

This far out, I would not dismiss the possibility that SpaceX not be in a position to raffle off the honor of being the first to step on the moon.


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