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Atlas V 401 - JPSS-2/LOFTID - Vandenberg SLC-3E - 10 November 2022 (09:49 UTC)

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Since the award was made last week, I though a dedicated thread might be in order, even if the launch is 4 years away.

NET late 2021 per this copassenger RFP, July 31.


--- Quote ---MOD 255: The purpose of this modification is to revise the launch date for the Joint Polar Satellite System- 2 (JPSS-2) Launch Service (CLIN 15) from a launch date of July 31, 2021, to a launch date of March 31, 2022, due to a
Government caused delay. The length of the delay is 243 days. Pursuant to Section C, Clause 19.6, and Table C-6a, there are currently 150 available Government Grace Days for the period of ATP through L-24, all of which are being used for this delay. The remaining 93 days are subject to the postponement fee amount of $1,750 per day as established in Table C-6a. There remains 447 Postponement Fee Days for the JPSS-2 Launch Service.  Section B, Clause 1.6, IDIQ Launch Service Task Order (LSTO), Table B-8.15, IDIQ Launch Service Task Order for the JPSS-2 Mission: The total value of CLIN 15 is increased by $162,750.00 from $139,000,000.00 to $139,162,750.00. Sub CLIN 15D, Launch Delays, is created in the amount of $162,750.00.
--- End quote ---

NASA, ULA find launch opportunity for inflatable heat shield demonstrator

Steven Pietrobon:
Summarising, LOFTID (Low Earth Orbit Flight Test of an Inflatable Decelerator) will be a co-passenger with JPSS 2, with launch NET first quarter FY2022 (fourth quarter 2021). After deploying deploying JPSS into its orbit, Centaur will perform a deorbit burn, after which LOFTID will be deployed for re-entry.


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