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ULA Innovation: Integrated Vehicle Fluids (IVF)

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ULA Innovation: Integrated Vehicle Fluids (IVF)
Published on Apr 2, 2015

john smith 19:

This is an astonishing video. The fact it's been made suggests ULA is very eager to raise people's awareness of the concept and that in fact it's moving into actual deployment. I don't think I've heard of anyone who's seen IVF (and knows what it replaces) who hasn't thought "what a neat idea."

It's also (AFAIK) pretty rare for one of the key developers to do the voice over.

I'll certainly be looking out for the first flight with IVF installed, although I wish they'd start testing some of the sub systems on board earlier flights. ULA has a lot of flights manifested between now and 2018. :(

Damon Hill:
It's a really elegant way to reduce complexity and costs, and raise payloads at the same time, while keeping the rest of the stage essentially the same hardware.  When looking at the thermodynamics, the choice of a good old-fashioned flathead six cylinder internal combustion piston engine starts to become more obvious.  Fuel cells and Wankel quasi-rotary engines were also considered.

Having unlimited burns and endurance measured in days (limit of existing Centuar tank installation) would allow them to deliver multiple secondary payloads to their destinations. There are a few satellite constellations in development that could benefit from this feature.

Coastal Ron:
Another example of why when many of us criticize ULA it's because of the actions of it's management and owners, not the products or employees.

IVF is the kind of thing that makes you wonder why it's not already standard equipment, so to see that ULA is pressing ahead with making it standard equipment is exciting news.  It sure looks like it's a game changer.

Now if we could just get Congress to understand why NASA no longer needs to do everything itself, and that if Congress wants to support human exploration the best way to do it is through supporting great work already being done in industry, then maybe we'll get somewhere.


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