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SPECIAL EVENT: George Sowers - ULA VP for Human Launch Services - Q&A

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Chris Bergin:
In association with the United Launch Alliance, is proud to host an open Q&A session with ULA's vice president for Human Launch Services, George Sowers.

Dr Sowers is happy to answer questions relating to:

ULA's human spaceflight activities with NASA's recent CCiCap awards announcement:

See also:
Commercial Crew Forum Section:

Dream Chaser Articles:
CST-100 Articles:

Questions are also welcomed on:

Orion EFT-1 efforts:

And SLS:


Wednesday: This thread is open for ONE QUESTION per member. Questions should be sensible and on topic.

Thursday: 10am MDT, Mr Sowers will begin answering selected questions as posts in the thread.

To other media, this is a hosted event and copyright rules are - as always - in effect. NSF hold the right to create articles from the resulting answers. Contact [email protected] for inquires.

Galactic Penguin SST:
On the future human flights, how would ULA and the customers deal with safety at the management level to ensure that any problems related to astronaut safety and risks of LOM/LOC can be clearly and effectively reported to the highest level?


Peter NASA:
Thanks for being willing to participate in this event, Mr Sowers.

How much assistance have NASA provided during the Human Rating efforts under the SAA. Does this cooperation model work, in your opinion?

If I can ask, did ULA have to redesign simulated trajectoriesm etc. for crewed Atlas V missions due to black zones, or was that never a real problem?

Will ULA be building access towers, etc, for the commercial crew vehicles or is that something the vehicle providers will handle themselves?


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