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Online Chris Bergin

We've expanded this section to cover more than just model work, allowing to include all elements of hobbies and entertainment, such as spaceflight movies and TV shows - along with books etc.

The model standalone section has been useful, but wasn't really as active as a standalone section should be. Plus, the general section was becoming a bit too much about movies, so this solves both issues.
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Offline mtakala24

Today I have moved a good bunch of old threads from the history section to here. Sometimes it is difficult to decide what to move or not, but I considered the following as a guide:

On Spaceflight Entertainment and Hobbies:
1) The books that you can buy and read.
2) TV programs/documentaries that you can see (or could see) on TV or buy later on DVD/Bluray (or VHS!).
3) ... or that were produced only for retail (such as Spacecraft Films).
4) Movies, including science fiction. Some of these threads had a little bit of historical knowledge too.

I left these back in the history section:
5) Original period-made NASA/contractor/Airforce -produced videos, often as links to Youtube.
6) Collectable magazines and similar stuff. These threads often seemed to result on discussions that would belong to the history section.

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