Author Topic: Jinzijing-1 03 and 4 others - Gushenxing-1 - Jiuquan - 7 Dec 2021 (04:12 UTC)  (Read 14120 times)

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Interesting, they use CATIA from Dassault as CAD software...

Also, I didn't see it come up on this page, but this flight was called "Keep On Moving". You can see it on a flag at the end of the video.

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Object D started to rise orbit.
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Object D started to rise orbit.

Object D = probably TY-23 (Baoyun) which is reportedly similar to TY-20 (Beihang Kongshi Weixing). This one tested the ThrustMe NPT30-​I2 engine. Both are precursors to the Tiansuan constellation. So I would expect a similar behavior.

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