Author Topic: SpaceX F9 : Hera Asteroid mission : October 2024  (Read 2326 times)

Discussion thread for launch of Hera.

Threads for Hera mission: ESA Hera Updates / Launch Thread

Falcon 9 booster 10xx-x October 2024.

Hera is a planetary defence mission under development at the European Space Agency (ESA) - launching in October 2024.
Its objectives are to investigate the Didymos binary asteroid, including the very first assessment of its internal properties, and to measure in great detail the outcome of NASA's DART mission kinetic impactor test. Hera will provide extremely valuable information for future asteroid deflection missions and science; increasing our understanding of asteroid geophysics as well as solar system formation and evolutionary processes.

Hera is a planetary defense mission under development in the Space Safety and Security Program of the European Space Agency for launch in 2024 October. It will rendezvous in late 2026 December with the binary asteroid (65803) Didymos and in particular its moon, Dimorphos, which will be impacted by NASA's DART spacecraft on 2022 September 26 as the first asteroid deflection test. The main goals of Hera are the detailed characterization of the physical properties of Didymos and Dimorphos and of the crater made by the DART mission, as well as measurement of the momentum transfer efficiency resulting from DART's impact. The data from the Hera spacecraft and its two CubeSats will also provide significant insights into asteroid science and the evolutionary history of our solar system. Hera will perform the first rendezvous with a binary asteroid and provide new measurements, such as radar sounding of an asteroid interior, which will allow models in planetary science to be tested. Hera will thus provide a crucial element in the global effort to avert future asteroid impacts at the same time as providing world-leading science.
Was originally scheduled to fly on Ariane 6, F9 has been selected as a replacement:

ESA director general Josef Aschbacher confirmed at a briefing that the agency has selected Falcon 9 to launch the Euclid mission next year. Another Falcon 9 will launch the Hera asteroid mission in 2024. Vega C will launch EarthCARE in 2024.
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Re: SpaceX F9 : Hera Asteroid mission : NET 2024
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Target launch date for Hera is Oct. 8 2024 ☆

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Re: SpaceX F9 : Hera Asteroid mission : NET 2024
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Still on track for October 2024 as of December 2023 when the solar panels were cleared for flight.

Hera is due for launch in October 2024.

The solar wings that will power ESA’s Hera asteroid mission for planetary defence as it ventures out to meet the Dimorphos asteroid have been cleared for flight. As part of its current test campaign at ESA’s ESTEC Test Centre in the Netherlands, the spacecraft commanded the deployment of the wings one at a time, as it will do in space directly after launch – known as a ‘hot deployment’.
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Re: SpaceX F9 : Hera Asteroid mission : NET 2024
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Thread of Hera asteroid mission:

ESA - Hera updates


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