Author Topic: SpaceX Falcon 9 : Formosat-5 : Aug 24, 2017 : LAUNCH VIEWING MEETUP - LONDON  (Read 2420 times)

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Edit: The original title of this post (and thread) was "Re: SpaceX Falcon 9 : CRS-12 : Aug 14, 2017 : LAUNCH VIEWING MEETUP - LONDON". It'll change from time to time to reflect the next proposed meetup.

As this launch is at the civilised time of 17:31 BST, if anyone would like to meet in London to watch online I'll arrange something; might even host. Reply below or PM me.

Mods, this feels like the right place but if not...
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Feels like the right place to me...
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Saw this about 12 minutes too late, but in the future I'd be very game for a launch viewing party in London. Let's try again next time!

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The Formosat-5 launch is scheduled for 18:50 GMT (19:50 BST); civilised once again.

I have other commitments that day but if anyone else wants to organise a meetup feel free to use this thread.

Mods: I've changed the title of this post to reflect the next launch but it's not affected what's displayed in "SpaceX Missions Section"; how to fix that?
Sorted; many thanks gongora.
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