Author Topic: SpaceX Manifest Updates Thread 5  (Read 1003115 times)

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Re: SpaceX Manifest Updates Thread 5
« Reply #980 on: 01/01/2024 02:53 pm »
Year end archive post

SpaceX manifest updates. The best guess at the current manifest is in this post.
There is a corresponding Discussion Thread to talk about the manifest.

The first six posts in this thread are maintained
1 - Current manifest and some links
2,3,4 - Past launches
5 - Smoliarm's graphical manifest
6 - links

Discussion of the table format should be done here: SpaceX Manifest Table Format Discussion
Prior thread: SpaceX Manifest Updates and Discussion Thread 4

Date: *=Local date differs from UTC date  ~=Date has some uncertainty
Return: L=Land,S=Sea,X=Expendable,N/A=Not Applicable
Launch Vehicle: F9=Falcon 9, H=Falcon Heavy, F=Falcon 9 or Heavy, S=Starship
Core: *=FH core numbers in footnotes, N=New, R=Reused
Payload(s): (R) = Rideshare
Mission: Blue number indicates additional information in footnotes.
Colors: Successful / Unsuccessful / Mars / Moon / Footnotes / Launch success/payload failure

      C=Cape Canaveral Spaceport (KSC/CCAFS) (UTC-4 EDT,UTC-5 EST) f
            CCAFS SLC-40: Active for Falcon 9
            KSC LC-39A: Active for Falcon 9 and Falcon Heavy
      V=Vandenberg (UTC-7 PDT,UTC-8 PST)
            SLC-4E: Active for Falcon 9
            SLC-6: Future site for Falcon and Starship
      B=Boca Chica (UTC-5 CDT,UTC-6 CST)
            Active for Starship test flights

U.S. daylight saving time starts second Sunday in March, ends first Sunday in November, time changes at 2:00 a.m. local time

Note on F9 Mission numbers:  I counted AMOS-6 (lost in pre-launch testing) and did not count IFA (suborbital test flight).

       Local        LV  Core   Ret- .                             .    Mass   .     Mis-CO-#
Est. Date,  Time/UTC.   S/N    urn  Payload(s)                    Orb  (kg)   Site sionSPARYR
------------------- .--- ------- .---  ------------------------  --- .-----  -----  -----.-----.---
2023-07-01  1112/-4F91080-2SEuclidESC~2kC-409-236-09244
2023-07-07  1230/-7F91063-12SStarlink 5-13LEO~16kV-4E9-237-09445
2023-07-09*2358/-4F91058-16SStarlink 6-5LEO~16kC-409-238-09646
2023-07-15*2350/-4F91060-16SStarlink 5-15LEO~16kC-409-239-09947
2023-07-19*2109/-7F91071-10SStarlink 6-15LEO~16kV-4E9-240-10248
2023-07-23*2050/-4F91076-6SStarlink 6-6LEO~16kC-409-241-10549
2023-07-28  0001/-4F91062-15SStarlink 6-7LEO~16kC-409-242-10750
2023-07-28*2304/-4H.LXLJupiter-3 (EchoStar 24)GTO9200C-39A(H7)-10851
2023-08-03  0100/-4F91077-6SGalaxy 37GTO.C-409-243-11252
2023-08-06*2241/-4F91078-4SStarlink 6-8LEO~16kC-409-244-11353
2023-08-07*2057/-7F91075-5SStarlink 6-20LEO~16kV-4E9-245-11554
2023-08-11  0117/-4F91069-9SStarlink 6-9LEO~16kC-409-246-11955
2023-08-16*2336/-4F91067-13SStarlink 6-10LEO~16kC-409-247-12256
2023-08-22  0237/-7F91061-15SStarlink 7-1LEO~16kV-4E9-248-12457
2023-08-26  0327/-4F91081LCCtCap Crew-7LEO.C-39A9-249-12858
2023-08-26*2105/-4F91080-3SStarlink 6-11LEO~16kC-409-250-12959
2023-08-31*2221/-4F91077-7SStarlink 6-13LEO~16kC-409-251-13160
2023-09-02  0725/-7F91063-13LSDA Tranche 0 Flight 2PLR~6kV-4E9-252-13361
2023-09-03*2247/-4F91073-10SStarlink 6-12LEO~16kC-39A9-253-13462
2023-09-08*2312/-4F91076-7SStarlink 6-14LEO~16kC-409-254-13863
2023-09-11*2357/-7F91071-11SStarlink 7-2LEO~16kV-4E9-255-14164
2023-09-15*2338/-4F91078-5SStarlink 6-16LEO~16kC-409-256-14465
2023-09-19*2338/-4F91058-17SStarlink 6-17LEO~16kC-409-257-14666
2023-09-23*2338/-4F91060-17SStarlink 6-18LEO~16kC-409-258-14767
2023-09-25  0448/-7F91075-6SStarlink 7-3LEO~16kV-4E9-259-14868
2023-09-29*2200/-4F91069-10SStarlink 6-19LEO~16kC-409-260-15169
2023-10-05  0236/-4F91076-8SStarlink 6-21LEO~16kC-409-261-15370
2023-10-09  0043/-7F91063-14SStarlink 7-4LEO~16kV-4E9-262-15671
2023-10-13  1019/-4H.LXLPsycheESC.C-39A(H8)-15772
2023-10-13  1901/-4F91067-14SStarlink 6-22LEO~16kC-409-263-15873
2023-10-17*2039/-4F91062-16SStarlink 6-23LEO~16kC-409-264-16074
2023-10-21  0123/-7F91061-16SStarlink 7-5LEO~16kV-4E9-265-16175
2023-10-21*2217/-4F91080-4SStarlink 6-24LEO~16kC-409-266-16276
2023-10-29  0200/-7F91075-7SStarlink 7-6LEO~16kV-4E9-267-16677
2023-10-30  1920/-4F91077-8SStarlink 6-25LEO~16kC-409-268-16778
2023-11-03*2037/-4F91058-18SStarlink 6-26LEO~16kC-409-269-17079
2023-11-08  0005/-5F91073-11SStarlink 6-27LEO~16kC-409-270-17180
2023-11-09*2028/-5F91081-2LCRS2 SpX-29LEO.C-39A9-271-17381
2023-11-11  1049/-8F91071-12LSpaceX Transporter-9SSO.V-4E9-272-17482
2023-11-12  1608/-5F91076-9SO3B mPOWER 5-6MEO~4kC-409-273-17583
2023-11-18  0005/-5F91069-11SStarlink 6-28LEO~16kC-409-274-17784
2023-11-18  0702/-6S9/25XXStarship Flight Test 2LEO.B{S-2}N/AT2
2023-11-20  0230/-8F91063-15SStarlink 7-7LEO~16kV-4E9-275-17885
2023-11-22  0247/-5F91067-15SStarlink 6-29LEO~16kC-409-276-18086
2023-11-27*2320/-5F91062-17SStarlink 6-30LEO~16kC-409-277-18387
2023-12-01  1019/-8F91061-17L425 Project F1 (R)LEO.V-4E9-278-18588
2023-12-02*2300/-5F91078-6SStarlink 6-31LEO~16kC-409-279-18689
2023-12-07  0007/-5F91077-9SStarlink 6-33LEO~16kC-409-280-19190
2023-12-08  0003/-8F91071-13SStarlink 7-8LEO~16kV-4E9-281-19291
2023-12-18*2301/-5F91081-3SStarlink 6-34LEO~16kC-409-282-20092
2023-12-23  0032/-5F91058-19SStarlink 6-32LEO~16kC-409-283-20393
2023-12-24  0511/-8F91075-8LSARah 2/3SSO~3600C/V9-284-20494
2023-12-28*2301/-5F91069-12SStarlink 6-36LEO~16kC9-285-21196
------------------- --- ------ ---  ------------------------  ---  -----  ----- --------- ---
2024-01-02*1813/-8F91082SStarlink 7-9LEO~16kV-4E...
2024-01-03 (NET)F9.LOvzon-3GTO.C...
2023-12 /-5F9.SStarlink 6-35LEO~16kC...
2023-12 /-5F9.SStarlink 6-37LEO~16kC...
2023 (NET)F9.SStarlink 8-1LEO~16kV-4E...
2024-01-17 (NET)/-5F9.LAxiom AX-3 (crewed)LEO.C-39A...
2024-01-29 (NET)F9.LCygnus NG-20LEO.C-40...
2024-02F910xx-xLCCtCap Crew-8LEO.C-39A...
2024-02-midF9.LIntuitive Machines IM-1TLI?C-39A ...
2024-Q1F9..SpaceMobile Block 1LEO~8k?C/V...
2024-Q1F9.SAstranis (4 sats)GTO~2kC...
2024F9..Thuraya 4-NGSGTO.C...
2024-03F9..SpaceX Transporter-10SSO.. ...
2024-03F9..CRS2 SpX-30LEO.C...
2024-04F9..Galileo L12LEO.C/V...
2024-04F9..Bandwagon 1LEO.C/V...
2024-04-ishF9..Polaris Dawn (crewed)LEO.C-39A...
2024-Spring (NET)F9..Firefly Blue GhostTLI?.?...
2024F9..HTS 113BTGTO4kC...
2024F9..Intuitive Machines IM-2TLI?C-39A ...
2024F9..NROL-69.?C ...
2024F9..USSF-36.?C ...
2023 (NET)F9R.Worldview Legion F1SSO.V-4E...
2024-06F9..SpaceX Transporter-11SSO.. ...
2024F9..425 Project F2LEO.C/V...
2024-midF9..Space Norway ASBMHEO7.2kV-4E ...
2024-midF9..Nusantara 5GTO.C...
2024-midF9.STürksat 6AGTO4200C...
2024-07F9..Galileo L13LEO.C/V...
2024F9.LAxiom AX-4 (crewed)LEO.C-39A...
2024 (NET)F9..Cygnus NG-21LEO.C...
2024-summerF9.SAstra 1PGTO5000C...
2024-08F910xx-xLCCtCap Crew-9LEO.C-39A...
2024-09F9..SpainSat NG IGTO.C...
2024-09 (NET)F9..SDA T1TL-ALEO.V-4E...
2024-H2F9..O3B mPOWER 7-8MEO~4kC...
2024-10H.XXXEuropa Clipper..C-39A(H11)..
2024-10F9..SpaceX Transporter-12SSO.. ...
2024-11F9..Bandwagon 2LEO.C/V...
2024F9..WorldView Legion F2LEO.C...
2024F9..WorldView Legion F3LEO.C...
2024 (NET)F9..Cygnus NG-22LEO.C...
2024-2025F9..SDA T1TL-BPLR.V...
2024-2025F9..SDA T1TL-CPLR.V...
2024 (NET) S..NASA Lunar LanderTLI.?...
2024 (NET) S..#dearMoonTLI.?...
2024 (NET) S..Lunar Lander DemoTLI.?...
2024F9..Intuitive Machines IM-3TLI?C ...
2024...KOREASAT 6AGTO3500C...
2025-earlyF9..SpaceLogistics MRVGTO.C...
2025-02F9..Bandwagon 3LEO.C/V...
2025-02 (NET)F9..SPHERExSSO.V-4E...
2025-02 (NET)F9..IMAPESC~500C-40...
2025-05F9..Bandwagon 4LEO.C/V...
2025F9..O3B mPOWER 9-11MEO~7kC...
2025F9..425 Project F3LEO.C/V...
2025F9..SDA T1TL-DPLR.V...
2025F9..SDA T1TL-EPLR.V...
2025 (NET)F9..SDA T1TR-CPLR.V...
2025F9..SDA T1TL-FPLR.V...
2025 (NET)F9..SDA T1TR-APLR.V...
2025 (NET)F9..SDA T1TR-EPLR.V...
2025-mid (NET)F9..Kuiper Flight 1LEO.C...
2025F9..SpainSat NG IIGTO.C...
2025 (NET)F9..USSF-31?.C...
2025 (NET)H..PPE/HALOBLT.C-39A(H13)..
2025F9..Skynet 6AGTO~6kC...
2025 (NET)F9..Haven-1LEO.C...
2025 (NET)F9..Vast-1LEO.C...
2025 (NET)F9..Kuiper Flight 2LEO.C...
2025 (NET)F9..Kuiper Flight 3LEO.C...
2025 (NET)F9..SDA T2TL-CPLR.V...
2026 (NET)F9..SDA T2TL-APLR.V...
202?F9..GPS III-10.MTOC...
202x S..MarsTMI.?...
2026F9..Arabsat 7AGTO.C...
2026H..Astrobotic Lunar LanderTLI.C-39A(H14)..
2026-10H..Roman Space Telescope..C-39A(H15)..
2027SS..Superbird 9GTO~3kC?...
2027?FH..GPS IIIF-1.MEOC...
2027 (NET) S..NASA Lunar LanderTLI.?...
2025-2026F9..Rivada (12 Flights)LEO.V-4E...
2026-2027F9..Telesat Lightspeed (x14)LEO.V-4E...
TBD (2026-2030)F9..Commercial Crew (-> 14)LEO.C-39A...
2022+...Starlink (many)LEO.C/V...
2023+F9..Transporter (few/year)SSO.C/V...
TBD (2021-2026)F9..CRS-2 (-> SpX-35)LEO.C...
TBD mid-2020'sH..Gateway LogisticsTLI.C-39A...
TBDF9..Polaris Progam 2..C-39A...
TBDS..Polaris Progam 3......

(H5) USSF-67 - Serial Numbers:  Side1:1064-2  Center:1070-1  Side2: 1065-2
(H6) Viasat 3 - Serial Numbers:  Side1:1052-8  Center:1068-1  Side2: 1053-3
(H7) Jupiter 3 - Serial Numbers:  Side1:1064-3  Center:1074-1  Side2: 1065-3
(H8) Psyche - Serial Numbers:  Side1:1064-4  Center:1081-1  Side2: 1065-4
9-283 Starlink 6-32 : booster landed on ASDS and then fell over while being towed back to port.
(H9) USSF-52 - Serial Numbers:  Side1:10xx-x  Center:1084-1  Side2: 10xx-x
(H10) GOES U - Serial Numbers:  Side1:10xx-x  Center:10xx-x  Side2: 10xx-x
(H11) Europa Clipper - Serial Numbers:  Side1:1064-x  Center:10xx-1  Side2: 1065-x
(H12) Astrobotic/VIPER- Serial Numbers:  Side1:10xx-x  Center:10xx-x  Side2: 10xx-x
(H13) PPE/HALO - Serial Numbers:  Side1:10xx-x  Center:10xx-x  Side2: 10xx-x
(H14) Astrobotic - Serial Numbers:  Side1:10xx-x  Center:10xx-x  Side2: 10xx-x
(H15) Roman Space Telescope - Serial Numbers:  Side1:10xx-x  Center:10xx-x  Side2: 10xx-x

Companies that appear to have launch contracts for unspecified payloads:
Eutelsat, Inmarsat, Bigelow

Rideshare Program Thread
Rideshare payloads (which flight it's on may not be known yet)
       Local        LV  .                             .    Mass   .     
Est. Date,  Time/UTC.   Payload(s)                    Orb  (kg)   Site
-------------------  --- .----------------------------  --- .-----  ----- 
2023F9OSAM-2 (on Transporter?)SSO..
2023.South Korea CAS500-4 (on Transporter?)SSO~500.

Possible future payloads:

Competitions for future payloads:
Air Force

L2 notes on manifest:

Upcoming Mars Launch Windows: 2020-06, 2022-08, 2024-09, 2026-11, 2029-01

SpaceX Mission Paperwork / Raul's Map
Starlink Index Thread / Commercial Space Index Thread
L2 SpaceX CRS External Cargo
L2 Level SpaceX Falcon 9 Stage Watch / Public Core Spotting
SpaceX Launch Log (past launches) / Wikipedia Falcon Launches
Viewing flights from Vandenberg / Ben Cooper's Viewing Guide for Cape Canaveral / Viewing Flights from KSC/CCAFS
Upcoming SpaceX Talks / General Industry Talks
SpaceX Falcon Mission Simulations
SpaceX Eastern Range Landing Facilities
NSF Manifest Threads: U.S. / Russian / Arianespace / Japanese / Chinese / Indian / Rocket Lab / Consolidated

Recent Edits:
Dec 1  Added three flights for Amazon Kuiper
Nov 2  Added Telkomsat HTS 113BT, 2024
Nov 1  Added SES Astra 1P, summer 2024
Oct 31  Added SDA T1TL-F, SDA T1TR-A, USSF-57, GPS IIIF-1, NROL-77, SDA T1TR-E, GPS III-10, USSF-75, SDA T2TL-A, SDA T2TL-C, and USSF-70
Oct 30  Added 425 Project F1, F2, F3 (not sure how many flights, guessing 3)
Oct 25  Added CHORUS Q4 2025
Oct 5  Added Galileo x2 in 2024

All comments and updates are welcomed!  Thank you to all contributors!

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Re: SpaceX Manifest Updates Thread 5
« Reply #981 on: 01/02/2024 03:10 pm »
Well this is not what I would expect - even ISRO is launching their comsats on Falcon 9!

(GSAT-20, NET Q2 2024)
Astronomy & spaceflight geek penguin. In a relationship w/ Space Shuttle Discovery. Current Priority: Chasing the Chinese Spaceflight Wonder Egg & A Certain Chinese Mars Rover

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Re: SpaceX Manifest Updates Thread 5
« Reply #982 on: 01/09/2024 01:15 pm »
425 Project Flight 2 on April, 425 Project Flight 3 on November and 425 Project Flight 4 & 5 on 2025.
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I publish information in Spanish about space and rockets.

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Re: SpaceX Manifest Updates Thread 5
« Reply #983 on: 01/31/2024 01:32 pm »

Launch vehicle secured! 🚀 Alongside @VoyagerSH + @AirbusSpace, we are thrilled to announce we have selected @SpaceX’s Starship to launch #Starlab into #LEO. Learn more about this historic launch here:

Starlab Space Selects SpaceX’s Starship for Historic Launch
Issued by Starlab Space LLC.

Washington DC, January 31, 2024 — Starlab Space LLC (Starlab Space), the transatlantic joint venture between Voyager Space and Airbus, today announced the selection of SpaceX to launch the Starlab commercial space station to low-Earth orbit (LEO). Starship, SpaceX’s fully reusable transportation system designed to carry both crew and cargo to Earth orbit, the Moon, Mars and beyond, will launch Starlab in a single mission prior to the decommissioning of the International Space Station.

“SpaceX’s history of success and reliability led our team to select Starship to orbit Starlab,” said Dylan Taylor, Chairman and CEO, Voyager Space. “SpaceX is the unmatched leader for high-cadence launches and we are proud Starlab will be launched to orbit in a single flight by Starship.”

As a continuously crewed, free-flying space station, Starlab will serve a global customer base of space agencies, researchers, and companies, ensuring a continued human presence in LEO and a seamless transition of microgravity research from the International Space Station into the new commercial space station era. Starlab will launch on a single flight, be fully outfitted on the ground, and ready to permanently host four crew members in LEO to conduct microgravity research and advanced scientific discovery.

“Starlab’s single-launch solution continues to demonstrate not only what is possible, but how the future of commercial space is happening now,” said Tom Ochinero, Senior Vice President of Commercial Business at SpaceX. “The SpaceX team is excited for Starship to launch Starlab to support humanity’s continued presence in low-Earth orbit on our way to making life multiplanetary.”

The Starlab team has advanced through multiple program milestones over the past year, including completion of the Systems Requirements Review, System Definition Review, Human in the Loop testing, and more. Starlab Space recently announced a teaming agreement with Northrop Grumman and plans to collaborate with the European Space Agency. Additional Starlab partners include Hilton Hotels and The Ohio State University.
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Re: SpaceX Manifest Updates Thread 5
« Reply #984 on: 02/23/2024 09:12 pm »
Intelsat License LLC (“Intelsat”) herein requests 180 days of Special Temporary Authority (“STA”),1 commencing upon grant, to use its Castle Rock, Colorado Ku-band earth station, KL92, to provide launch and early orbit phase (“LEOP”) services for the EUTELSAT 36D satellite.2 EUTELSAT 36D is expected to launch no later than March 27, 2024.3 Intelsat expects the LEOP period to last approximately 180 days.

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Re: SpaceX Manifest Updates Thread 5
« Reply #985 on: 02/24/2024 01:32 pm »
Because of the Vega-C problems, Arianespace loses LUXEOSys.
It is scheduled to launch on Falcon-9 between Oct. 2024 and Jan. 2025.

in German:


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Re: SpaceX Manifest Updates Thread 5
« Reply #986 on: 03/04/2024 06:56 pm »
Is this already known? coincidentally found:
Kari's Arirang 7A (Kompsat 7A) is scheduled to take off from Cape Canaveral with Falcon-9.
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Re: SpaceX Manifest Updates Thread 5
« Reply #987 on: 03/15/2024 07:45 am »

The launch date of our military's second reconnaissance satellite has been tentatively set for the 3rd of next month. Unless there are variables such as weather, it is scheduled to be launched on a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket from Cape Canaveral Air Force Base in Florida, USA.

A military official explained, “Unit 2 is our military’s second reconnaissance satellite, but it is our first launch as a SAR satellite.” The military is pursuing the 425 project to secure reconnaissance satellites, which are the core of a ‘kill chain’ (preemptive strike) against North Korea.

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Re: SpaceX Manifest Updates Thread 5
« Reply #988 on: 03/21/2024 10:32 pm »
GRACE-C – German-US-American environmental mission has been extended

Twenty-two years later, the German Space Agency at DLR and NASA have extended this highly successful mission for the second time with GRACE-C, which succeeds GRACE Follow-On (GRACE-FO).

The 'C' stands for 'Continuity', which recognises the consistency of the measurement series of these environmental missions.


The launch of the new GRACE-C satellite pair is scheduled for 2028, on board a Falcon 9 rocket from the US company SpaceX.

US, Germany Partnering on Mission to Track Earth's Water Movement

The mission will be composed of a pair of identical satellites flying one behind the other, roughly 60 to 190 miles (100 to 300 kilometers) apart, in a polar orbit. The spacecraft will fly at an altitude of roughly 300 miles (500 kilometers).
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Re: SpaceX Manifest Updates Thread 5
« Reply #989 on: 03/27/2024 04:08 pm »
FYI ...

This is not specific to SpaceX, but that's where the impact is most felt.

The NGA's email system is busted again. I'm subscribed with two different email addresses on two different email providers and the last notice I've received on either is from yesterday at 19:14 UTC. Because these notices cover all marine hazards (not just spaceflight) for the entire planet, I normally get a steady trickle all day and night.

Looking on the website for notices is no help. It's always well behind the email notices and currently says:
"Latest Warnings uploaded to online database. Last Update: Mon, 25 Mar 2024 08:55:00 GMT"

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Re: SpaceX Manifest Updates Thread 5
« Reply #990 on: 03/27/2024 07:31 pm »
I'm getting NGA notice emails again. I've received 23 emails. I checked each Navigational Area individually and there are no gaps in the notice numbers, so I think I've got everything.

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Re: SpaceX Manifest Updates Thread 5
« Reply #991 on: 04/01/2024 10:48 pm »
Looks like SpaceX has added Transporter 16 through 21 to their rideshare manifest. 6 new SSO launches have been listed indicating they are Transporter launches and not Bandwagon ones covering 2026 and 2027.

Transporter 16 - February 2026
Transporter 17 - Q2 2026
Transporter 18 - Q4 2026
Transporter 19 - Q1 2027
Transporter 20 - Q2 2027
Transporter 21 - Q4 2027

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Re: SpaceX Manifest Updates Thread 5
« Reply #992 on: 04/07/2024 11:32 am »
Progressing smoothly along its production timeline, SpaceEye-T's launch is scheduled aboard a SpaceX rocket next year.
With plans to augment its fleet with three additional SpaceEye-T satellites by 2027, SIIS is on track to significantly impact the satellite data market.

The satellite is around 700 kg. Could this be a dedicated launch (or at least non-Transporter/Bandwagon)?

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Re: SpaceX Manifest Updates Thread 5
« Reply #993 on: 04/09/2024 07:13 am »
Sounds like SpaceX will be launching ESA's ExoMars from LC-39A in 2028 (likely Falcon Heavy):

The search for life on Mars goes on with ExoMars 2028
APR 9 2024


The upcoming ExoMars mission, set for launch from the Kennedy Space Center between October and December 2028,

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Re: SpaceX Manifest Updates Thread 5
« Reply #994 on: 04/09/2024 05:16 pm »
Max Space Introduces the Future of Space Expandable Habitats

The first Max Space habitat is manifested to fly with SpaceX in 2026. Three space-fidelity ground test units have been built that are currently starting flight qualification testing.

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Re: SpaceX Manifest Updates Thread 5
« Reply #995 on: 04/11/2024 04:38 pm »
Exolaunch Signs with HawkEye360 to Provide Launch and Deployment Services for Multiple Satellite Missions:

 • At least ten satellites to be delivered into orbit for HawkEye 360, utilizing Exolaunch's CarboNIX separation systems and EXOpod Nova containerized deployers.
 • The payloads are expected to launch on upcoming SpaceX Rideshare missions through 2025.


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