Author Topic: Dragons for everyone! It's another SpaceX Party Thread (CRS-1)  (Read 136293 times)

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Dragon is 3 for 3 and is proving itself a excellent cargo spacecraft. Good to see SpaceX building on Dragon flight heritage as they move towards manned spaceflight.

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They have Benjamin Higginbotham on the team, he's a killer anchor.
But I guess that wouldn't be fair.

It really wouldn't be fair. Besides, the format that I work in and the format that is best suited for SpaceX are very different. Not better or worse, just different (I don't do scripts, they do).

Thank you for the kudos though. My ego and I appreciate it ;)

Hopefully the live webcasts have improved since I signed on and there are no more huge gripes with video quality. I'm continuing to work on improving the user experience in many different ways. Can't really talk about much of it, but I hope you guys all enjoy it when it starts to show up.



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SpaceX is even showing up in Japanese anime. Latest episode of Space Brothers (episode 35) had this image at the closing. They had an image of the docking (done by Hoshide) last week. This anime has also had many cameos by several current and previous Japanese astronauts. They even recorded a cameo performance from Hoshide while he was in orbit.
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LEO is the ocean, not an island (let alone a continent). We create cruise liners to ride the oceans, not artificial islands in the middle of them. We need a physical place, which has physical resources, to make our future out there.


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