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Advanced Concepts / Exodus Propulsion with Dr Charles Buhler
« Last post by QuantumG on Today at 12:34 am »
It's all about that "electrostatic pressure" and there's even a patent this time.

Here's an easy intro:

Not tested in space yet. No idea what their plans are. Dozens of other articles in the news in the last few days.

Anyone have thoughts?
Please expand on this topic.
Feeding the combustion requires large flows at high pressures. Historically, that has been done by parasitically powered pumps. If electrics can do the job more efficiently, that would be a real advance. Imho, the topic merits a thorough discussion.
Advanced Concepts / Re: Spinlaunch on the Moon
« Last post by lamontagne on Today at 12:24 am »
All prettyed up.
Turbo pumps scale quite well. Clearance on a 4" disk has to be almost scraping the walls while 16" disk with the same clearance by scale has large margins. Part of the issues that people are having is either going for the super high performance, or trying to learn by doing. An experienced pump company going for fairly modest performance should be able to beat the electric in thrust/weight. A modest closed cycle (staged combustion or expander) should be able to beat the electric as well.
Blue Origin / Re: New Glenn 3-Core Version
« Last post by FLHerne on 04/21/2024 11:33 pm »
"There's three rockets. You glue them together. How hard is that? Well, according to my team, it's really hard." -- Gwynne Shotwell
And in the not-SpaceX lots department, RGV's latest flyover shows that the lot in contention next to the factory is getting some work done on it/in it.  Drainage line being hooked up, tractor doing some grading, the fence is gone.

Have they taken possession or are they about to?  Don't know, but the lot isn't sitting there untouched anymore.

Historical Spaceflight / Re: Aircraft carriers and spy satellites
« Last post by Blackstar on 04/21/2024 10:54 pm »
It makes sense that the cargo bay door configuration also reflects how the in-space cargo deployment door looks, I think. So may be our first look at that one.
I've not seen this before. The idea of the Ascent Module is similar to what I envisaged with a Dragon capsule. There are many options that may work. What SpaceX is proposing seems the simplest at this time.

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