Author Topic: Advice for an Astronaut Hopeful?  (Read 2501 times)

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Advice for an Astronaut Hopeful?
« on: 05/11/2023 05:33 pm »
Hey everyone,
I've really appreciated reading through this whole site and getting humbled by all of the knowledge. This is just about the only place I've come across that puts me in any contact with space professionals as I am a first generation college grad and did not grow up with aviation or much science. Any advice or anecdotes regarding my journey would be hugely appreciated. Specifically, if there are any other certifications

About me:
6 years enlisted in the military as a linguist. College grad in international relations, pre-med post bacc. Currently I am selected for a military reserves pilot role and will start training soon. Should I survive, I plan to apply to USUHS and other medical schools. End goal is to be a flight surgeon and decide on residency from there while applying to the astronaut corps.

Certs/Experiences I have:
-Linguist (not Russian)
-Advanced SCUBA
-HAM license
-Private Pilot (will be commercial-multi after training)

Certs on my list:
-wilderness EMT upgrade (1 week)
-Hyperbaric tech cert (1 week)
-underwater welding/tech diving (7 month intensive course is the shortest I can find)
-Any sort of community college electrician training
-Calculus courses

Everything above has been done out of passion first, most of them before I ever thought about pursuing the astronaut corps. Is there anything I should add to my list?

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