Author Topic: RS EVA VKD-61 - Nauka outfitting/RTOd leak tasks - Oct 25 2023 (Kononenko, Chub)  (Read 12810 times)

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Two of the four panels of the radar only partially deployed (the other two deployed fully), so the spacewalkers are going to head back to that worksite and attempt to manually deploy them the rest of the way.

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This view shows the hinge that didn't quite deploy to 180.

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It seems that the panel can move to the full 180-degree position, but it's not locking into place and springs back to 160 degrees or so.
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It looks like those pins are supposed to be held in place by latches once they move to 180, but the latches aren't working for some reason. Chub is fiddling around inside the latch socket area with tools to see if he can get it to move.

MCC Moscow has just told him to stand down, but Chub doesn't sound happy with this.

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The spacewalkers are working their way back up to Poisk.

(I have to drop offline for a bit - may or may not be back for airlock entry and repress, so if anyone wants to tag in please go ahead!)

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Hatch closure time was 8:30 pm Central, 9:30 pm Eastern for an EVA duration of 7 hours 41 minutes.

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The obligatory "By the Numbers" shot, plus one of the video board at MCC Moscow.

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Navias has signed off, wrapping up NASA TV coverage.

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For /u/jcm's records, in addition to the Parus deployment, there were also two towels / towel bundles discarded around 9:05 pm Eastern, one for each cosmonaut.

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For /u/jcm's records, in addition to the Parus deployment, there were also two towels / towel bundles discarded around 9:05 pm Eastern, one for each cosmonaut.

Thanks for this, I was stuck in meetings and other duties today.

Jonathan McDowell

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Elbow repair on the Russian Orlan MKS n 4 space suit ?
Check these September 2021 and October 2023 photos   :-\

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SMS ;-).

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NASA photos

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Minor update while I'm looking at Celestrak tonight: the two towel bundles that were jettisoned during this EVA were tracked as 1998-067VZ, which decayed on 12 November 2023, and -067WB, which decayed on 15 November. The Parus nanosatellite has descended about 20 km to a semi-major axis of 395 km.


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