Author Topic: Biden-Harris Administration Extends Space Station Operations Through 2030  (Read 27436 times)

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Well said Gem.  Many of us old timers still have bad memories about Skylab not being restored, even if wasn't practical.  Hope to see a more graceful (for lack of a better word) end to the ISS.
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NASA ISS program manager Joel Montalbano says at #ISSRDC this morning that while (most of the) the international partners have approved ISS operations through 2030, willing to go longer "if the agencies want us to." (Rocsosmos is only through 2028; they go in 4-yr increments.)

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NASA working to get private space stations up and running before ISS retires in 2030:

Quote from: the article
Mulholland also underscored the need for increasing the budget for the United States Deorbit Vehicle (USDV), a spacecraft expected to dock on the ISS before performing a safe deorbit and re-entry sequence back to Earth. (NASA is expected to award the contract for the design and production of this vehicle in March 2024).

The new funds are also likely to be used for an upgrade that significantly improves the science capability of a physics instrument on the ISS that hunts for dark matter, cosmic rays and antimatter galaxies. The detector, known as the Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer (AMS), was installed as an external module on the ISS in 2011. Its upgrade is expected to take an entire cargo flight, which "deserves a plus-up in the budget ahead," Mulholland said.

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Quote from: Katya Pavlushchenko
The head of Roscosmos,said at the conference at GCTC today, that Roscosmos will extend the operation of the #ISS as long as it is possible. Which means probably that he doesn't believe ROS will be build in the near future, even as a visited one-module station.

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