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ISS ownership and time shares
« on: 01/18/2006 02:16 am »
Does anyone have the current ownership %s and time %s for ISS? I know that there was some change some time ago, shifting a little bid of ownership from the US to Russia. I guess it is still 75 % USA and the rest other partners.

And related to that question, a thing that puzzled me with regard to the ESAS report (something that may already came up in another threat discussing ESAS, if so I appologize), current funding charts totally end NASA funding for ISS at the end of 2016. However it is very likely that the station, if completed during the next years, has a life expectancy well beyond that date. Now, certainly 2016 is still 10 years away and NASA might just come up with a way to fund ISS operations beside the VSE, still I am wondering whether it would not be possible to keep NASA involved in the ISS as long as the ISS exists without paying too much for maintenance.  The best (however politically problematic) way to do so, as far as I see it, would be trading ownership percentage (=time usage percentage) between 2010 and 2020+ against a higher involvement of international partners: that is for instance have ESA fly ATV 2xtimes a year instead of one, more progress  (however Roskosmos may prefer dollar payments for them...) and H-tvs - well at some point even ground control could be relocated to one of the partners. NASA might solely have to reduce its ownership to 40-50% over time without providing much cash for ISS after 2016 - merely ISS manned flights by the CEV ISS variant.

Any other suggestions how ISS involvement will look like in the post-2016 world?


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