Author Topic: Dennis Tito's Inspiration Mars Foundation Pre Announcement Thread  (Read 149965 times)

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Interesting about the inflatable, that makes things more plausible from a crew habitability standpoint.

We already know BEAM will fit in a Dragon Trunk, so if they used Dragon, then they could in theory deploy BEAM out the back of the Trunk, then flip the Dragon around 180 degrees and dock to the BEAM (obviously BEAM would need a compatible docking port, as the ISS CBM couldn't be used). Plus such a proposal would only require one launch.

If we can get one of our Compactly Stowable Manipulators ("TROGDOR" Arms) light enough, that would be a way to grab and berth the BEAM module to the nose of the dragon after launch instead of doing a docking maneuver. Not to mention an arm like that might be a good way to provide some external inspection/repair capabilities telerobotically without needing to support full-blown EVAs... But to be clear, while I have friends on the mission, this is just an idea of mine, not of theirs.


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Ok, to the live thread folks....which is also the reaction thread.
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A sidenote, but I really wish I knew more about that reactor on ISS.

See here:

Also note this relevant AvWeek article:

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