Author Topic: Predictions for 2022 (Five years from 2017)  (Read 22669 times)

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Re: Predictions for 2022
« Reply #60 on: 08/11/2022 01:20 am »
Welcome Andrew9141

Why would SpaceX decommission the FH before BFR is launching payloads? it means giving up on a certain segment of the market.
The Falcon Heavy has made three launches so far, and additional launches with the Falcon Heavy are scheduled for the remainder of the year.

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Re: Predictions for 2022 (Five years from 2017)
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So what will be happening in human spaceflight in 2022, five years from now?

Commercial Crew vehicles will be conducting regular crew rotation flights to the ISS.

SpaceX (and possibly Boeing) will fly one tourist flight to LEO (or perhaps around the moon) a year.

ISS extended to at least 2026. Likely 2028.

Blue Origin and Virgin Galactic will be flying regular sub-orbital tourism flights.

SLS/Orion will be gearing up for the EM-2 flight. DSG and a reusable manned lunar lander are under development.

SpaceX will have made good progress on BFR but are years away from a first flight.

This prediction ended up being remarkably accurate, sans EM-2 and Virgin Galactic. Well done.
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