Author Topic: New Member Registration during early hours UTC  (Read 3221 times)

Online Chris Bergin

While this forum has very good spambot protection, in order to help keep the forum clear of spammers (actual people who sign up a username and post actual spam) we'll be moving new member registrations to "Admin Approval" from now on during the early UTC hours.

Given 99 percent of spammers (people physically joining and posting spam posts) are from India - which as most people know is the world capital for spamming and scamming and by using armies of real people - it is almost always early UTC when this issue occurs.

If you register for a username between the hours of 4AM UTC and NO LATER THAN midday UTC, your registration will be completed (Approved) NO LATER THAN midday UTC once a moderator has seen it is a valid profile. Please check back and log in with your details after that time as the approval will have gone through by then.

Because this is also the site's quietest time, most of you won't be affected by this and the majority of you will continue to register as normal. If you have a valid profile, but are in India, you will need to e-mail [email protected] with your chosen username to be approved. (Only one of the last 100 or so "new members" from India (with an Indian IP address, most Indian spammers claim to be "USA" in their profile) wasn't a spammer).

I know India hates the spammers and scammers as much as everyone else, especially the huge number of scammer call centers, but I need to protect this site from it so this is the only way to do so given they are not bots, but armies of actual people blighting most forums around the world. I won't allow lazy moderation or lack of proactive action such as this to impact on this site's forum.

The logs prove that over the last 100 or so spam accounts, one was from Turkey, one was from China. The rest, every single one of them, was from India.
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