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Online Chris Bergin

Hey all -

 So obviously most people can't go purchasing banner campaigns, given that's usually very specific to a company. However - via a suggestion sent to me - we've thought up a cheap option of promotion, one that could be available to anyone.

 As you all know, this is a really busy forum. We've got single threads in six figure numbers (views), hugely busy sections - all with the specific demographic that comes with a space flight specific site.

 So! What we're going to do is offer the option of "purchasing" a standalone thread, in a forum section of your choice, which will be pinned as sticky (always top). This is a thread you will own, be able to put anything (within reason of course) you want in it, be it your blog site, facebook page, twitter account, anything you want to "promote" in front of a lot of people - with no limit on how much content you put into it. You get to choose the forum title, etc.

Prices: $50 a month - with price breaks: $100 for three months, $150 for six months, $200 for a year.

 As with all site revenue, it all goes towards paying our large hosting costs, so you'd be helping the site at the same time. Payments would be via the secure L2 payment page (paypal, debit/credit card, checking account).

 We will limit this option, so there's no chance of lots of these threads on the forum. First come, first served.

 Interest, or any questions, PM me.
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