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Using the REPORT to Moderator option
« on: 11/28/2010 09:11 pm »
As you will see, attached to every post is a "Report to moderator" link, which if clicked allows any member to report a post which is either spam, downright rude, or a derailment, etc.

Once clicked, it allows you to add a note explaining why it's been reported, with notification being sent to the moderators. Only the moderators will know who reported it.

This is the fastest way to solve a potential issue with a thread. PMing me is welcome (about anything - happy to serve ;)) but that is not the fastest way to resolve an issue - given it's only going to be read by me when I see it. Also, report to moderator points to the thread and post in question, PMing does not.

Use the report to moderator option even if you aren't sure. This is much better than leaving something until it's too late, resulting in a thread that can't be salvaged and thus deleted.

We could relax the moderation on here, but we make every effort to keep the noise down. If that upsets a few people, please appreciate that we all know how fast messageboards can run out of control and we have to protect against that.

If you are moderated, such as you see a post that's been deleted, remember the above, and the following.

1) It's never personal. It's about forum housekeeping.
2) You should be contacted by the moderator who deleted it to explain.
3) However, sometimes a post can be removed because it was responding to a post that was moderated (so your post went as it was to a dead post).
4) If a thread is deleted, and you posted on it, and wasn't contacted, you did nothing wrong. The thread was a big problem and it was the thread that was moderated.

We have 10 moderators active on the forum and I'm usually busy with content/articles, so appreciate there will be some variants on moderation, but as a fail-safe, you can contact me if you're unhappy and need to speak one on one.
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