Author Topic: Signing up to the site's forum via webmail e-mail addresses  (Read 5283 times)

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Noticing a lot of people are doing that, probably due to the fact they've been told forums use said e-mail addresses to sell on to spam companies.

WE DO NOT DO THAT HERE. You get one e-mail, from the site, confirming an active membership and that's it.

The likely result of signing up with a webmail address like gmail or hotmail will mean you'll never gain confirmation of your membership to log on to the site, as some will spam it out, some won't even do that and will wipe it without you ever getting to see it.

However, a way around it is.... if you have signed up to the forum with a webmail address, you will find you will be able to login with your username and chosen password within the hour (not immediate given we check against the anti-spammer database). So you won't need the confirmation e-mail - automated by the site.

If you've signed up to the forum over the last month or so, but never gained the automated confirmation e-mail, simply try now to log in with your chosen username and password. It'll work, providing you aren't from Thailand and trying to spam links to cheap shoes ;)
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   Your efforts to prevent us from enjoying staggering discounts on shoes are appreciated  ;D


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