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UK Space Agency
UK @ESA astronaut @Astro_Rosemary is the UK’s third ever astronaut after Helen Sharman and Tim Peake. 👩‍🚀

Hear from Rosemary on what motivated her to become an astronaut. 👇

ESA Astronaut Class of 2022 – Rosemary Coogan

NGA Rocket Launching notice.

Quote from: NGA
120928Z APR 24
NAVAREA IV 415/24(11,26).
   172124Z TO 180155Z APR, ALTERNATE
   182059Z TO 190130Z, 192034Z TO 200105Z,
   202008Z TO 210039Z, 211943Z TO 220014Z,
   221918Z TO 222349Z AND
   231853Z TO 232324Z APR IN AREAS BOUND BY:
   A. 28-39.00N 080-37.69W, 28-39.00N 080-28.00W
      28-30.00N 080-10.00W, 28-24.00N 080-09.00W,
      28-21.00N 080-11.00W, 28-23.00N 080-19.00W,
      28-29.35N 080-32.49W.
   B. 26-15.00N 076-00.00W, 26-06.00N 074-58.00W
      25-36.00N 074-03.00W, 25-23.00N 073-53.00W
      25-09.00N 074-01.00W, 25-06.00N 074-16.00W
      25-08.00N 074-38.00W, 25-18.00N 075-00.00W
      25-58.00N 075-59.00W.
2. CANCEL THIS MSG 240024Z APR 24.//
UK Space Agency
UK @ESA reserve astronaut John McFall is working with experts to learn how traditional astronaut equipment and facilities can be adapted for accessibility. 👩‍🚀

Watch our interview with John to learn more. 👇 #InternationalDayofHumanSpaceFlight
California Coastal Commission had a meeting on April 10th to discuss:

Consistency determination by the United States Space Force to increase Space Exploration Technologies’ (SpaceX) Falcon 9 launch and landing activities at Vandenberg Space Force Base (VSFB) from six to 36 per year as well as the addition of offshore landing locations in the Pacific Ocean Vandenberg Space Force Base, Santa Barbara County.


After nearly two hours of discussion Wednesday afternoon, the commission agreed to the postponement amid questions about weather balloon debris, noise impacts, public launch alerts and more.
Katherine Bennell-Pegg
Happy International Day of Human Spaceflight 👩‍🚀

Celebrating big milestones on this day like the first flight of a person into space, and the inaugural flight of the Space Shuttle. &, importantly for my class and I, successfully finishing up our final exams.

Enjoy Yuri’s Night!
UK Space Agency
In 2023, UK @ESA reserve astronaut @astro_meganne joined our Exploration team as Exploration Commercialisation Lead. 👩‍🚀

Watch our interview with Meganne to learn more about her career 👇 #InternationalDayofHumanSpaceFlight
Raphaël Liégeois
Do you know how to survive in the wild?🏔️

A couple of weeks ago, I underwent winter survival training in the Pyrénées. Stunning view, physical exercises, and a lot a fresh air… below 0°C to be precise🥶.

Why? Simply because as future astronauts, we must be prepared to survive in the wild if our spacecraft lands in a remote area.

Among other things, we learnt how to effectively manage cold-related injuries ⛄️, construct makeshift stretchers 🩼, make fires 🔥or build snow shelters❄️.

Every day, we practiced navigating without relying on electronic devices like a GPS, communicating efficiently during emergencies and signalling for rescue; we even had a helicopter coming to practice evacuations 🚁!

A fruitful experience, mentored by @Astro_Alex, with my fellow candidate astronauts @Soph_astro, @Astro_Pablo_A, @Astro_Rosemary, @ESAastro_Marco  as well as @AussieAstroKat  and @iamfivetoes!

I wish you all a nice (and warm) weekend🙂

© ESA/Trailhaven
Now that the actuator was taken off earlier today, it's replacement is being installed.

Chris Bergin - NSF
It looks like the chopsticks are getting upgraded—this large actuator has been lifted for installation. Maybe this is in preparation for the potential catch on IFT-5?
Commercial Space Flight General / Re: ARCA
« Last post by JSz on Today at 04:03 pm »
ARCA has been active for 25 years, during which time it has announced about a couple of dozen projects, including orbital rockets, participated in the Google Lunar X Prize (it withdrew), was supposed to be testing something for ESA, publishes more propaganda videos every few weeks.... And in that time it has shown absolutely nothing working (apart from stratospheric balloons at the very beginning).

Here a list of ambitious early announcements by the association, and then the company, getting more and more nutty: :
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